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We frequently lose sight of our blessings in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We work, cook, clean, run errands, and do other things because of our busy schedules. With so much to do day in and day out, each week and each month, it’s simple to forget to stop, reflect on everything you’ve been given, and express gratitude. 14 LCTLCT 15 People who regularly write in a gratitude notebook about the things they are grateful for say that doing so positively impacts their mental and physical health. Take a moment to be grateful. It will assist in easing any negative feelings you may be struggling with, such as depression or anxiety. Every day, spend a few minutes writing down five things for which you are grateful. Your mental and emotional state will improve. But that only touches the surface. Here are some excellent arguments in favor of journaling: 1. Increased optimism. You can take stock of all you have to be thankful for in your journal.

It can help you feel less stressed throughout the dayif you fill it up daily with reminders of your blessings.

● You naturally attract positivity when you concentrate on the good things in your life. Keeping a gratitude journal encourages both self- and other-expression of gratitude.

● Writing down your positive thoughts makes them more natural, even though they may already be floating in your mind. 2. Increased sleep. You can get a better night’s sleep now and tomorrow by writing down your ideas less than 20 minutes before bed.

● According to research, frequently listing your blessings might raise serotonin levels, which regulate your nervous system and impact sleep.

● When you try to think positively throughout the day and take some time to write down your gratitude before bed, you won’t feel as stressed or concerned. 3. Finding your gratitudeinvolves recognizing the positive aspects of your life. You can allow yourself to experience your appreciation when you put them in writing. It makes you happier.

● A brighter outlook impacts your life, helping you forge closer bonds with others and experience better health and comfort. According to studies, those who keep gratitude journals are happier and more upbeat overall.

● Additionally, they feel better and are happier with their life than those who don’t. 4. People who feel grateful tend to be happy. And individuals with higher levels of optimism take better care of themselves than those who don’t appreciate their lives. It’s a great approach to lower stress levels.

● Additionally, they have a healthier way of dealing with stress. According to scientific research, when people focus on feeling satisfied and content, their bodies naturally fight stress.

● Additionally, when you aren’t stressed out, you are more centered and prepared to take on any challenges in life. May you? 5. Enhanced self-esteem Focuson your blessings and take joy in the good things you’ve experienced rather than feeling sorry for yourself or dwelling on the negative aspects of your life.

● You acquire a grateful attitude when seeing and appreciating the more extraordinary things in your life. Your attitude toward life as a whole and your sense of self-worth both rise.

● A study on gratitude was released by researchers in 2014. They found that appreciative players had greater faith in their teammates. They trusted their teammates because of the thankfulness that increased their self-confidence. At this moment, I issue a challenge to you: every evening, spend five minutes listing three items or occasions for which you are grateful. Your life will become much healthier and happier after a week, even though you might not know it at the time. If it doesn’t work out for you, give it another go for a couple more weeks. You’ll alter your course in life. Reprinted with permission from Hustle Mama Magazine. Original article can be found here: https://hustlemamamagazine.com

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