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What members are Getting

As a coach, when signing up with Life Coaching Today here’s what you’re getting:

Visibility and Exposure

Life Coaching Today offers worldwide exposure and visibility by showcasing your expertise in their digital coaching directory. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract potential clients.

Networking and Support

The platform provides opportunities for networking with other coaches, access to exclusive training materials, and regular updates on industry trends and best practices. This support system can enhance your coaching skills and provide guidance from an experienced team. We offer 10 weeks of coaching

Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Life Coaching Today conducts ongoing marketing and promotional campaigns to increase your visibility as a coach. This can help attract clients and boost your credibility within the coaching community.

AI-powered Appointment Services

The platform offers AI-powered appointment services for efficient and convenient client booking. This feature can streamline your scheduling process and save you time and effort in managing appointments.
These four aspects, visibility and exposure, networking and support, marketing and promotional campaigns, and AI-powered appointment services, can be highly beneficial for coaches looking to grow their business and succeed in the coaching industry.

Frequently asked questions

How do I Write For Life Coaching Today Magazine?

The top 10 articles on the Life Coaching Today Website will be chosen to be featured in the Life Coaching Today Magazine. See the details here.

Do I have to be a Community Leader In Order to Be A Member of the Life Coaching Today Facebook Community?

Not at all! Community Leaders just don’t have moderated posting and have more posting options. You can sign up for the community by clicking here.

Can I Upgrade After I Sign Up?

Of Course… If you find that a level isn’t right for you, then you can always change.

Can I Give Away My Profile Link to Potential Clients?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to leverage your Life Coaching Today Membership is to feature it prominently throughout your online presence.