Walmart Relationships Just say no!

by | Aug 1, 2022

Walmart Relationship’s.

It was called the movie-star lifestyle. In reality it was people obsessed with more! The loveliest companion in a relationship that was anything but; the faster sleeker car that got you nowhere; the expensive house that was always empty. Their lives shrunk down to a series of unfulfilled needs! Temporary moments of relief bought not with a credit card but with pieces of their sanity! Always convinced satisfaction was just around the corner, just out of reach. How long could anyone last?

Continuing this path only leads to madness, too a Walmart relationship! Too much, too soon; too little, too late! 

But is that the only truth here?

Many of the most successful people in movies are actually in caring, stable relationships with equally successful partners. Make no mistake! It is a partnership; a balance that is worth finding and keeping! There is a laundry list of household names that could be quoted as simple proof. So stop looking for the Bigger Better Deal! It’s an addiction but it can end well. You can break your cycle. You can restore your essential self. Maxx Angenetta Jones is a Life Couch and Relationship Guide whose experience has helped literally thousands. She can help you.  Call 215-888-5362.

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