Thoughts from the Road: The Power of An Aligned Platform


Back when I was learning communications in college, they were always speaking about staying true to your platform. Yet, the only time we really hear platforms talked about these days is during political elections. I believe it is the concept of “platform” is the missing link for those who are looking to make a bigger impact.

So What Is a Platform?

A platform is where who you are, what you believe, who you serve, what problems you solve, and how you solve them all intersect. Having a clear, written, duplicatable idea in each of these areas allows you to stop guessing on what you are saying and communicate even large ideas effectively.

It’s Time for a Breakdown

Let’s start with who you are. For my clients, we really dig deep into this question to create being statements and purpose statements before talking about creating a bio or a profile. Because at the end of the day, a bio should not only talk about what you have done but give people an understanding of who you are and where you are going.

While on the subject of bios and profiles, do you know the difference? I bio is used when on podcasts, writing in magazines, or on sites that you don’t own, or when describing your place on a team. This is best written in third person.

A profile is more personal and is best used on social media platforms, your website, and when introducing yourself. This is best written in the first person.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, the next area that is covered is what you believe. I am not talking about religious or political views unless that is relevant to your business. It is more about what beliefs do you have about what you do that must be conveyed to, or your client believes too for there to be success working with you.

One of my beliefs is that “Systems Allow for Freedom”. If you don’t see that, or can’t be shown that, then working with me is probably not a good fit. Hey, I work with some of the most creative people on earth and when I show them how to create their systems to allow for more freedom it just blows their mind.

Many people have issues with limiting who they serve. They believe that if they say they only work with X, then there won’t be enough of them to sustain them. If you are offline working in a local community, then that may be true. When you think more globally, the idea of not enough doesn’t apply.

My band teacher, Mr. Winnie, use to tell us that if we didn’t like it we could take underwater basket weaving. Who knew it was really a class? So doing a search on Facebook for “Underwater Basket Weaving” shows a bunch of posts, marketplace items, and communities just going to show you that there is a market for just about anyone.

 Knowing who you can truly make the most impact with, who lights you up to be around, and who doesn’t drain your energy allows you to not only say the right words so that they can hear you but keeps you going through those not-so-great days.

The more you narrow your niche, the better you can understand what problems they have and can tailor your program to actually solve their problems. Take underwater basket weavers. I haven’t done much research on this niche but I can assume that they need some kind of reed or wood or bark that they use, or maybe different patterns, or I might help them market and distribute their products and even that could be those looking to get online or in retail establishments.

Can you see how important that step really is? Now, as artisans, underwater basket weavers could be considered my market if they were ready to get systems together to be successful online and even as I typed that, I started thinking about what I would do to help them.

So if your True Awesome Life has you wanting to be an underwater basket weaver, reach out and let’s have a conversation!

Finally, how do you solve the problems. You are not able to be all things to all people. I mean, I am not going to get the reed or wood for underwater basket weavers (I will let one of you tap into that amazing market). Knowing exactly how you solve their problems in writing with as many details such as what programs, who is in charge, is it automated, and where is that automation (trust me this is important) will save you time, energy, money, and allows you to train others to take it over as you grow.

Ultimately, the more clarity you have on your platform, the easier it is to convey it to others and can keep you away from the shiny object syndrome that just wastes your time, energy, and money.

I have 2 cool tools to help you create a powerful, aligned, platform that performs:

The Freedom Systems Operations Worksheet helps you get clear on the how you solve their problemsThe Aligned Platform Workshop – The intention of this workshop is to help you create an aligned, powerful platform that performs productively and profitably. Use coupon code: LCT50 for 50% off.


About The Author

Jeff is a Productivity Coach, Jedi Cleric and host of The Creative Nomad Podcast. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that foster freedom creativity, productivity, and profitability.

He is currently living in a 1987 Kit Roadmaster 5th Wheel with his young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick, so that he can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like.

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