Thoughts from the Road: Accountability

by | Aug 1, 2022

Have you ever noticed that  you get all jazzed up about an idea, or maybe it is a resolution like getting in shape, or maybe it is that course you wanted to do but dropped out before the end?

If you are anything like me, you’re all motivated for a bit, then one day you don’t feel like it, or you have something come up, or you get busy and you decide that you can skip today.

Then tomorrow…

Then you convince yourself that you don’t have time or it just doesn’t matter.

But it does matter. You matter.

Most don’t make a decision and a plan to follow through. Instead, they rely on motivation and give themselves an out because they don’t feel like it that day.

As a result, they end up staying in the same place year after year.

It’s not your fault because it is so easy to get distracted. With the world at your fingertips, we tend to spend hours and hours scrolling or glued to a tv set trying to stay connected.

If you want to accomplish anything it starts with a decision that you can’t back out of. When I moved into the RV, I sold or gave away everything that didn’t fit. It would take something huge for me to go back. Before that, I created a plan with dates to get things accomplished, and I scheduled it and made it a priority even when I didn’t want to.

Even more than that, I got an accountability plan that included all three levels of accountability.

While not everything has gone exactly to plan, everything that I have put into my accountability plan has come to fruition.

Where would more accountability help you get to your dreams?

About JP Adkins

Jeff is a Productivity Jedi, author, speaker, and Host of the Creative Nomad Show. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that allow for more productivity, freedom, and ease.

He is currently living in a 1993 Tioga Montara  with my young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick, so that he can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like.   

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