Dating on a Budget

Dating on a Budget

Planning a Romantic and Fun Filled Date:

To have a fun filled night and romantic date you do not need to always go out on the town or to somewhere for it to count. The world is not perfect, and things happen this is why plans don’t always go as planned or romance may be lost or put on the side for a bit because maybe who had kids or something else happened. None of this really means that you need to forget about each other or spending time and being happy with just each other there are plenty of things you can do.

Below are just some examples of date nights you can create at home and still have just as much fun as going out if not more.

These ideas also come in handy if things are tight with money or if the weather does not permit it because of the season it is and where you live and what not. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some time to get everything set up. Either of you can be involved from the start or one of you can surprise the other, either way the ideas are wonderful and help to create amazing memories that you will be able to hold onto for forever and ever.

* Get a baby pool or a cheap inflatable pool if you do not have a pool in your backyard or a hot tub can work just as well; pour some drinks and go relax in the water under the moonlight sky and all the stars.
* You can both get all dressed up to the max, light some candles all over, make a five-star meal with all the courses, sides, trimmings, appetizers and desserts; put some mood music on such as Sinatra and enjoy the romantic candlelit dinner.
* Move your mattress to the living room, pile it high with all your pillows and blankets; put on your favorite show or watch a movie and just binge watch TV and snuggle under the blankets while you are in your pajamas and enjoy.
* Setup a tent in the backyard and gather the ingredients to make s’mores and create a bonfire; enjoy the crackling sound and the warmth while you listen to music or just talk.
* You can always just sit there and ask each other questions, no matter how long you have been with each other there is always room to learn more.
* Decorate the bedroom into a love nest of sorts; try rose petals, scented candles, some music, a bed canopy and more.
* Playing a board game is good to inspire a little bit of some friendly competition and it can always turn into a playful night of romping around.
* Buy a DVD that teaches you how to dance or something else you are interested in and watch it together and learn what they are teaching you, make it a class date night.
* Choose a country of your desire and let that inspire your evening; watch a movie from there, make a traditional meal from there and more. An example can be Italy; watch Roman holiday, eat some pizza, drink some wine and even enjoy some gelato.
* You can both make a playlist for each other and listen to them together throughout the night, you can choose from songs that are romantic or even make it a fun hit list with songs that are oldies but goodies.