Play to Win Your Subconsious Mind

Play to Win Your Subconsious Mind

Your subconscious mind can, at times, sabotage our lives. The subconscious mind is the keeper of our habits and memory, so when we learn ill-placed behaviors they become our status-quo, our way of functioning. We learn to live by a set of rules from an early age.

Our social parameters become our boundaries and we live within them as part of society. Sometimes the rules we learn aren’t exactly correct, but once embedded in the subconscious mind they are as much a part of us as our skin.

The rules we learned guide us and we abide by them automatically. We learn stealing isn’t acceptable and we refrain from the act of taking what isn’t ours, but if stealing is a part of life taught at a young age, then we accept this as socially acceptable and our subconscious mind is set to believe it’s okay.

By watching our mentors, parents, significant others, and siblings we take on habits, such as smoking, and soon the rule that it’s okay to smoke is embedded in our young mind. Years later smoking seems as natural to us as breathing, and we take up the habit.

Young children are repeatedly told to shut up, or that they are stupid. After repeatedly hearing this confirmation they soon believe they are stupid and trust they are unable to conquer simple tasks. The lessons deplete their ability to think for themselves, their ego is damaged, and the subconscious mind soon believes this is the way to operate. Changing these ill-placed habits that are so ensconced in our lives isn’t easy.

We learned long ago that our inner voice, our judging parental voice, known as our pathological critic, is correct, even when it isn’t. Softening this inner voice requires repeated self-affirmations and suggestions to change and reprogram the old habits and self-limiting memories.

A perfect way to make these changes is with hypnosis, as it has the potential to adjust the ill- placed thoughts with positive ones through repetition. The suggestions are planted in the subconscious mind over and over, until they become a new reality.

The retraining and refocusing directs the mind to use the new affirmations in place of the old, ill- advised habits and memories. Your self-esteem subsequently rises and a new you often emerges ready to take on new tasks.

You become more accepting of new ideas, habits and thoughts as they take place. Reinforcement kicks in as the new subconscious thought repeatedly makes the changes within and soon the inner critic is given a new task, one allowing you to live a better, more productive life.