Mind Your Financial Manners

Mind Your Financial Manners

Our parents gave us the financial tools they knew and passed them on to us. For some, that information has created Financial Freedom for others, and it has led to a Financial Train wreck.

With all of the information, it can be extremely overwhelming to navigate through what will work best for you and your family. We tend to avoid this issue until it is either too late and or some tragedy or disaster strikes.

When dealing with money, time is of utmost importance. When the thought comes to you, the process should be started IMMEDIATELY. Not every account, policy, and or strategy is suitable for everyone. Just like a fingerprint, your financial blueprint is also unique.

The first step is to come to grips with your personal money story and what your relationship to it is. Once that has been established, the next step is to find a dedicated Advisor who will steer you in the proper direction depending on your income, assets, and experience that will determine what steps you will take next.

It is a mindset shift to be able to change the old patterns and adopt new strategies to put you and your family on the path to clearing out debt, boosting credit, and becoming financially self-sufficient.

We will discuss in the upcoming months how to create new thought patterns, how to stimulate the frequency that generates income, which also translates to wealth.

It’s a complete lifestyle change that will pay off in the end. Until next time Mind your Money Manners.   Mind Your Money Manners By: Cherese L. Spand CFF resetmyfinances@gmail.com 484-222-3050