The Laws Behind A Positive Mindset

The Laws Behind A Positive Mindset

I have been competitively training in the sport of swimming since I was 15 years old. During my high school years, I was able to improve my times every year until my senior in high school. I would train so hard, and swim really fast in practice, but my times never improved. I was so frustrated as to why I could never race fast, but swim so fast in practice. At the time, I considered myself a “work horse instead of a race horse.” And right there was my problem. I believe in positive mentally, and that only that will take you to measures beyond human thought. There is a fact about swimming, I am sure it is said in all sports, that swimming is “10 percent physical and 90 percent mental.” I can remember the days where my body just was not working, no matter how hard I tried to push myself physically.

One of those days I used my mind to surpass that barrier of fatigue, and then my whole training style changed and so did my racing strategy. I was able to change my mentality by the power of manifestation, affirmation, and positive reassurance.

The Law of Manifestation is the ability to create, with your imagination, some idea, action, anything in life. The Law of Manifestation is closely related to the Law of Attraction but the difference between the two is attraction and creation. What this does is allow you to focus on creating a positive outcome that has not happened yet. Before I head to any practice I have, I say, “Thank you God and angels for a great practice! And so, it is!” Practice has not happened yet, but I am still creating the outcome. I am focusing on a positive outcome; therefore, I will create one. The phrase “And so it is” is to confirm that your outcome has already been fulfilled. I practice manifestation every day, especially if it has been a rough day and I am not-so-great of moods, to remind myself the power I have to create a positive mindset.

I believe in God and angels, yes, and I also believe everyone lives by believing in something. I see God as this universal energy that goes through all of us and makes us one; whatever you call this energy, it is there to support and direct you throughout your life. I use the power of affirmative prayer- in simpler terms it is being thankful for what you are praying for like it has already happened. Before races I would say, “Please let me swim fast, I know I capable of better times.” Now I say, “Thank you God and angels for the opportunity to race. Thank you for helping me prepare for this race. And so, it is!” Instead of using the word “please” I use “thank you” in my prayers. Affirmation allows you to acknowledge that the energy is guiding right then and there, for you to be thankful for the energy’s guidance, and to confirm that you are safe.

I am. The two most powerful self-constructing words there is to know. When we say ‘I am’ and a word or phrase after them, we are inviting the energy of those words to us. When one does this, they speak to the universe that this is true, and it will listen to us and make it true. If a teammate says to me that “they are not fast enough” I will respond, “You will never be because you are telling yourself and the universe you are not.” I always enjoy this tactic that I do. If someone says something negative, I stop them and tell them to say five things they are thankful for. I call this, “Thankful Five.”

Ever since I started using the Law of Manifestation, affirming prayers, and positive assurances my days and mentality is happier and more powerful. They allow me to go beyond what I never thought I could achieve. Changing my mentality allowed me to be comfortable while being uncomfortable. By using these techniques and tactics I have been able to excel in swimming, school, and personally.