Sometimes Big Things Have Small Beginning

Sometimes Big Things Have Small Beginning

This is a quotation is from the book and film titled “Lawrence of Arabia.” If you have not seen that film, I suggest that you watch it, and pay close attention to an array of characters whose lives sing. Mostly, the story is true. It seems that while the vast majority of people stumble through their lives and merely react to what happens to them, ever so often, a world-shaper comes onto the scene.

The thing about T. E. Lawrence is that he recognized at an early age, his ability to cause monumental change. In fact, read about him before you watch the film. See how a person of privilege, who seemed to be mediocre at best, identified the world that he would change, studied it, and prepared to enter it before an opportunity came that would allow him to plan how to do it. This is such out-of-bounds thinking from the rest of us. The rest of us, being those who are not the stumblers, are achievers of something big, but probably something petty, something that enriches only us. Yet, it is rare to find such a capable person as Lawrence, who might achieve greatness for himself, yet he chose to help a people be great, and not the people with whom he was affiliated. In fact, British army generals and British politicians were convinced that he had done extraordinary things for Britain when he did them, but that was not true. He did extraordinary things in order to enable Arab people to reclaim independence that they once had.

Today, much emphasis is placed on technology, but what is technology without a human being to wield it? What was Lawrence’s small beginning? He rode alone into the desert on a camel to meet with a local tribal leader. If he could not impress the Arab, he would be killed. He hired an Arab guide, and straight away, he listened to the guide, and he counseled him like a father might counsel a son. The two of them played a game during their journey, each trying to be the most moral. When Lawrence understood that his Arab guide greatly appreciated personal arms, he gave him his pistol, his only personal protection. Already, he reasoned that he was not going to accomplish anything worthwhile through personal combat, so he did not need the pistol. Instead, he would do great things through personal example.

From the beginning of no consequence, Lawrence created a consequence when he stood up to the Arab leader just after the leader killed the guide because he drank water from the leader’s tribal well.

At the risk of his own life, at the risk of any greatness that he might have done, Lawrence berated the leader for placing so much value on his tribal trappings and so little value on the life of a brother Arab. That was the small, but risky beginning of a great thing.

If you are going to do something big with your life, you must be all in. No one can find a flaw if you are true and transparent. Other people follow those who behave that way. They follow the sort of people who give meaning to everyone’s life.

The key to accomplishing something big is to be a true leader, and to plan and prepare to lead. That is how you and everyone else who follows you will do something greater than yourselves.

Life Coaching Success

Life Coaching Success

Many people do not know what a life coach can do for them to their personal success. The job of a life coach is to basically help you identify goals and to motivate you to achieve those goals. So here are the few benefits of having a life coach.

In your present mind frame, it is difficult for you to manifest success in your life because you have no idea what is your personal goal or the personal success you want to achieve. A life coach is able to help you to point out what is important to you and once they have pointed out your priorities, they can help you work out and set up a goal for you to achieve.

Secondly, a life coach is also there to lend some clarity to the issue that you are going through. When you are grappling with an issue, it is easy to not be able to see the solution as clearly as others because you have been blinded for so long. By talking it out with a life coach, they will be able to give an objective and truthful observation about your issue and also shed some light on the problem that you are having. Furthermore, they would also be able to come up with ideas that you have never thought about.

Thirdly, a life coach is there to help you to put your plan into action. Once you are done with setting your goal and setting a course of action, they help you to make decisions much more quickly and reduce costly delays and thus proving better quality action.

Fourthly, when you have a life coach, you are therefore accountable towards them. They will ask you each week of your progress and will hold you accountable to your action. If you are unable to put your plan into action, they will be able to motivate you towards your goals and to stick to your action plan.

Lastly, a life coach is there to give you support. They will listen to what you have to say without judging or criticizing. They will also give you their support during the toughest times and they will also be there to celebrate your success.

So to sum it all up, getting a life coach will be the next best step towards trying to improve your life and trying to achieve your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Seek out a life coach today.

Believing Dreams Will Come True

Believing Dreams Will Come True

Until when will you believe? What if you did everything you could, while believing, and still nothing’s happening? What will you do?
A. Let go?
B. Continue believing?
C. Work on something else?
I read somewhere that writing your goals will make it real for you. So, one time in December 2012, I wrote my goals, with a timeline. I felt superman powers that day that I thought by just writing all my very specific goals down (date with events), God will hear it and He will make it come true for me! Yes, like magic!

I am believing that and I believed it true that every day, I’d look at my list and would excitedly imagine it happening soon! Every morning I’d read my list and I’d pray for it.
Do you know what happened? Two out of the seven items came true! And guess what?! with exact time (month and year) and events!

Was it magic? Was it just perfect timing? Was it pure luck? or Was it because I believed?
What do you think? But, you know what? to this day I have not let go. I continue to believe that my five other items will come true soon!

I have to tell you though that even if I’d look at my list still, daily, and pray for it, I made sure to leave my concerns, worries and issues in God’s hands. Sister Teresa of Calcutta heard the voice of God while traveling by train, she believed it. She said it was a call within a call that she was to serve the poor in the slums. She asked permission, and even if it took a while for the permission to be granted, she didn’t lose hope. She said it wasn’t her will, it’s God’s will. She continued to believe, and the rest was history.

It is fun to dream! It is fun to look ahead and see the possibilities that are in store for us! It is fun to believe! As the days passed by in December 2012 and no event was happening, I knew there was nothing I could do if it wasn’t time yet. It will never be because I will it, it was all about God’s will, all according to His perfect timing.

Friends, there are three important things to think about here:

First, I hope we learn to let go. Not to let go of our dreams, but to let go of worrying, anxiety, and self-righteousness. If it is meant to be, God will make all our dreams come true for us. Right?

Second, I hope we will continue to believe in the beauty of our dreams. There will be a lot of times when we feel nothing is happening, but I believe that something within has started to grow, it just hasn’t shown in reality yet, but it is coming. It is coming soon!

Third, I hope we won’t get fixated that we forget to work on something else! Enjoy life! Show up!
Have fun! There is more to life than our dreams! Do something else! Embrace life’s other surprises!

I thank God for the options and alternatives.
My five items didn’t happen as planned. There were a lot of detours, diversions, stopovers, interruptions, challenges, and threats.
But, looking back now, it was beautiful! It was beautiful because it also came with a lot of hope, opportunities, lessons, joy and awesome surprises!
Just like Sister Teresa of Calcutta, let us not lose hope.
If God meant our dreams to come true, it will be in an easy and relaxed manner, in His perfect timing and for the highest good of all.
May all our dreams be blessed.