Let’s Dive In Your Goal.

Let’s Dive In Your Goal.

Stay at Home Moms. Parents(that means you dads!).

A guide to getting you on your path to your true desires. No more venting to your spouse, friends, or family members. Stop keeping your inner emotions to yourself.

Have someone in your corner. Close your eyes and envision your goal. What is your goal? What is your motivation behind it? How will you know you achieved it? Do you feel happy, confident, powerful, unstoppable, loved?

Nothing is stopping you. But why are you having such a tough time? That’s where I come in. Do you have a goal you want to achieve but don’t know where to start? I will guide you to remove your blocks and follow your dreams without limitations.

Can you relate to any of these struggles in your personal or internal self?

*Need a project done? *Want to improve on a skill?

*Do you want more in your life? *Do you want to embrace your individuality without fear?

*Are you a working parent? Trouble fitting it all? *Suffer a miscarriage and having a tough time? Or your partner?

*Unhappy or having struggles with your spouse? My partner doesn’t want to change, they don’t understand me, same old patterns. Not in the mood to be intimate?

*I never do anything for myself, I don’t have enough time? *Not getting enough sleep and feeling burnt out?

*Feeling stuck between living in the past or thinking too much about the future? *Ready to enter the workforce again? But don’t know where to start or what to do?

*Struggling with going back to your body and health before you had kids? Emotionally eating?

*Feel stuck in a loop? Having bad luck all the time? Why me?

*Not enough time in the day to get everything done?

*Having trouble expressing yourself and it comes out as anger? Impatience?

*Overthinking situations and events?

*Trouble connecting with your children as they are getting older? Do you THRIVE on accountability?

-Confidence in your skills and growth.
-Finding your true self.
-Feel beautiful inside and out. -Close loving connection with your partner.
-Connect and understand your children.
-Better relationships around you once you set boundaries.
-Not keeping everything inside.
-Freedom. -Restoration of Balance.
-Laugh and smile more.
-Validation of your wins.
-Embrace your weird and uniqueness.
-That your goals are achievable.

*Most importantly. True happiness.

* I want to hear your story. You are not alone.

You are growing and NEED to find your path. Time is moving fast, life is too short to not be happy.

Let go and remove your fear. Book a Discovery Call with me. Your future self will thank you.

Typical Obstacles to Adopting a Child

Typical Obstacles to Adopting a Child

There are some typical obstacles to adopting a child that you should be aware of. Depending on where you live, and the type of adoption you wish to follow will determine how they affect you.

Understanding what you are up against is important, so you can be ready for the process. Even if you feel that several of these barriers are in your way right now, there are ways to get passed them. Exploring your options will help you to figure out if adoption will be possible for you at some point or not.

There seems to be a type of “perfect parent” criteria out there that they want people to fit. While it is understandable that finding the best possible homes for children is necessary, there are many people out there that are overlooked when it comes to adoption. Getting such barriers removed can be very difficult. The financial status of the individual is something that is closely looked at.

While you don’t need to be rich to adopt a child, you do need to have a decent income that shows you will be able to care for the child. They certainly don’t want to give this child a life of poverty. Many individuals that do leave comfortably though struggle to come up with the funds to pay for the adoption process, though. They don’t want to go into debt to pay for it, but that is their only option. Yet by doing so, they may be denied as they owe too much money in relation to their income so they can’t win.

Your household circumstances can become a barrier for you, as well. You may be viewed as too young or too old to adopt a child. If you are single or you are openly gay, then some entities will turn you away from their adoption process. If you have a criminal past, it certainly doesn’t look good for you when you apply. However, some adoption programs are willing to look closely at the offense, when it occurred, and what has changed since that period of time.

Many individuals can’t have a child of their own due to medical concerns. These will be carefully evaluated, as well. This is to make sure the parents will be in good enough health to take care of the child. If you have certain types of medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or HIV, then you may not be deemed as healthy enough to adopt a child. A full medical evaluation will be required in order for this to be determined.

Some individuals with mental health problems aren’t able to adopt either. Even if they are on medication to help, the stress of adding a child to their routine is often thought to be too much of a problem. Not all adoption agencies are willing to take such a risk with a child. There are just too many stories out there where it hasn’t worked out to their benefit to not be cautious.

The key to overcoming such barriers to adopting a child is to find out what your choices are. Not all adoption programs have the same requirements, so find one that you will be a good candidate for. You do need to be very honest about all of your information, though, so don’t try to get something passed them. You can be sure they will carefully evaluate all of your information as well as take action to verify it.

Letting Go of Not Knowing Who You Are

Letting Go of Not Knowing Who You Are

If you sometimes feel as if you don’t know who you are, it is just because too many people are forcing their own ideas on you about who should you be, instead of letting you be who you already are. It is time to let go of all of these unreasonable expectations of others and be the authentic you again.

We all have our moments, when we feel completely lost when we feel like there is no direction for us, no meaning in our life, like there is not even a future or life for us.

However, that is just because we have lost, for a moment, the sense of who we really are. We have simply lost the connection with our true selves and we need to re-establish this connection again.

This feeling of not knowing who we are is, as a matter of fact, a very common one, and is often a direct result of the pressure of our surroundings, including society, our family, our work, media, and even schools and some religions.

We are constantly being pushed into other people’s perceptions regarding who we should be, how we should act, how we should deliver on the acceptance of others.

As a result, we feel a constant inner battle between who we are, who we want to be, and who the surroundings want us to be. No surprise that in such a mess, we don’t know who we really are at all!

Fortunately, it is all, again, just a feeling. And any feeling can be let go!

Once we identify these negative feelings connected to the question of who we really are, or just to the negative feeling of not knowing who we are, we will be able to release these negative feelings, let them go, and rediscover the unique “I” behind them. It is like a lot of haze being in our head, but once this haze is dissolved gradually by constantly letting go, what we will finally see is our clear, authentic self. And this is the moment when we reconnect with our true self again, and our life will start having a direction again. Energy, peace and abundance will come back to our lives – simply because we will be finally allowed to express ourselves fully and therefore start attracting everything we have always wanted in our lives with a new level of confidence, self-esteem, faith and a certain level of joy, instead of fear.

The concept of letting go of not knowing who we are is one of the most abstract concepts in which we can apply letting go to, but it is also the one having the biggest possible long-term impact. This, surely, is again something that quite often needs more letting go exercises and, for a full impact, it might need to be practiced for a few weeks, perhaps even months. But it is truly a life changing experience, once the haze and doubts about who we are let go. Sometimes, it is even like being reborn.

Here is the letting go process for who you are:

  1. In a quiet place, close your eyes. Let your mind bring up any feelings in relation to not knowing who you are. Don’t judge any of them! Very important!
  2. Start embracing and experiencing these feelings fully.
  3. Again, DON’T JUDGE any of these feelings, and mainly, DON’T judge yourself in any way! Just let the feelings come out and experience them, without any attachments. Be an observer of your own feelings, without any attachment or judgment. If you start having any feeling like “I can’t”, just start experiencing feelings of “I can´t” and let them go as well.
  4. Start surrendering yourself to these feelings slowly; let them express themselves fully all over your body (or any other part where you feel them most intensively). Don’t push them back; don’t block them or act on them either. Just let them be in their natural way and instead, be an independent observer, as if they weren’t even yours.
  5. After a while, decide about letting them go once and forever, and then let them actually go and disappear.
  6. Once the wave of the feelings is let go, ask yourself: “Who am I”?
  7. If you l feel any negative or unclear feelings again, repeat the process from the first step, until these negative feelings and negative self-judgments are gone.

After some practice, you will really start feeling and understanding your true nature. It will be a very positive revelation and it will slowly start changing your life and increasing your self-esteem. Don’t be afraid of doing this practice more often and keep practicing for weeks, or even months.

And for a final inspiration – a short video with very powerful meditation on who you really are.

Just be yourself!

The Best Ways to Confront a Cheating Spouse?

The Best Ways to Confront a Cheating Spouse?

So, you found out that you have a cheating spouse now what do you do? Although your mind is probably still reeling and your emotions extremely raw, the very first thing you need to do is try your best to calm down; if you can, get away from the situation for a few days, such as staying with a family member or friend (if you don’t have children), or if you do have kids, then ask your spouse to stay elsewhere for a while.

Confronting your cheating spouse can be a tricky thing, so here are some ideas on how to confront them without losing your cool.

1. Before confronting him/her, figure out what you want out of the conversation. Do you want the whole truth? Do you want to talk about the future and whether to stay together or not? If you have older children, should you tell them what is going on? The conversation is not going to be pleasant, but it must be done so be prepared.
2. If you have hard proof of the affair, will you tell your spouse? You have to think about this before confronting him/her, since most likely they will deny the affair if you come at them with either no proof, or just angry assumptions; if you do happen to have proof (such as incriminating text messages, photos or emails), then you might want to go ahead and let them know what proof you have.
3. Pretend you don’t know and simply act normally. Do this if you just don’t want a confrontation yet, especially if your emotions are running high and you’re afraid you would say something nasty and that you’ll regret. If your spouse does happen to notice that you’re acting as if something is wrong, then lie and say you’re upset about your job, a friend or something else.
4. Give your spouse a chance to explain him or herself. Before blowing up at them and hurling accusations, calmly tell them that you know about the cheating spouse, and then let them do the talking. Your spouse will either come clean and confess or deny the affair. If they do deny that anything is going on—and you have hard proof of the affair—now is the time to bring up this fact and see what else they have to say after being caught red-handed.
5. Make sure not to blame yourself or allow yourself to get caught up in anger and depression. You did absolutely nothing to cause your spouse to have an affair and holding onto anger and resentment will only make matters worse in the long run. Learn to forgive, if you can, and if not, forgiveness can come later. To make yourself feel a bit better, go out for a spa day with a close friend, get a mani/pedi with your daughter, or even book a room at your favorite hotel just to get away for a while.

Never Too Late

Never Too Late

There are many people who feel a sense of shame, regret and to certain extent anger with themselves for not being fit. They feel like they’re “old” now and it’s really no point getting in shape because they are past their prime.

This begs the question… Is it really too late to start?

The answer is a resounding NO. It’s never too late to start exercising, eating right and being healthy. In fact, if you think you’re old, you really need to start. Age is just a number. You’re only as old as you feel. All these are common clichés but they are so true.

You could be 60 but if you wish to build your body, there is absolutely no one stopping you but yourself. Of course, you should consult your doctor first to see if the activity you wish to engage in is safe for you. Once that is done, go ahead and start.

The truth of the matter is that whether you start or not, life is still going to pass you by. However, if you start training and eating right, in 6 months or a year from where you are today, you will look better and feel much better.

It’s never too  late. You may have neglected your health your whole life. You may have been too busy to exercise. You may have eaten whatever you could get your hands on. All these may seem like huge mistakes to you that you can never come back from.

You may feel like you have cheated yourself and you can’t go back in time and correct your mistakes. That’s true, but the past is history. The future is a mystery. What you have now is a gift. That’s why they call it the present. Use the gift of now… and start to make changes in your life today.

The mistake most people make is that the focus on what could have been instead of what they can do now. By doing what you need to do now, in future, you will not look back on your past with regret.
Start exercising. Go for a run. Workout with some weights. Swim more. Try rock climbing. Hike, bike, row, climb, jump… Do whatever gets your heart pumping. Move more. Do more. Never settle for good enough. Always give it your best.

If today you don’t say good enough, tomorrow you will always have enough. There are many people well into their sixties and seventies who are still working out with weights and have muscles that can make people more than half their age envious. Many of them started late. They had a lot of free time after retirement so they discovered the gym. If they can do it, so can you.
It’s all a mindset. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. There should be no room for regret in your life. The moment you embark on a quest to be fit, you will have no time to ponder past mistakes or lost time. You will be focused on your current training and beating your personal bests.

There is nothing to be gained from looking back at what could be. Thinking about exercising does not burn calories. Actually, getting out there and doing it does. So, get fit. Get strong and get your life back in order. You’re still alive and as long as you are, there is always time and hope.
Go for it!