Dancing in the Storm Mindset that Matters

Dancing in the Storm Mindset that Matters

Dancing in the Storm (Corona Constraint Challenge) – Or… Stop waiting and start taking action from where you are right now. Many, storms bring fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and the need for protection from the elements, even though we are safely tucked away inside the protection of our homes.

It seems that every time we have a storm, we seem to put everything on hold, until the storm blows over. In my coaching, I’ve come to discover that there is an amazing similarity and alignment between a real storm with thunder and lightning, and lashing rains and a “storm” in our lives – a Life Storm. I define a Life Storm as a challenging situation, event, or events, real, perceived, or potential, that, because of our perceptions, paradigms, and fearful approach to life, we would prefer to avoid.

Running from life? The moment we see the dark clouds and hear a few thunder claps caused by lightning, we run for cover like wild rabbits escaping their predatory hunter. Heart palpitating, eyes rapidly blinking, with anxiety, and Adrenalin, coursing through our bodies, we take cover, fear driving the moment. Limiting or blocking our every thought and action. In life we have similar situations whereby we run away and hide from the life-storm we envision approaching. Whilst this may be the easiest approach to life, in the long run, it invariably and simply is not the most intelligent or empowering approach to growth and empowerment.

We recently completed an extremely successful REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams building event for a government department. Our preevent research discovered a number of issues – “life storms” the people had experienced and tried to avoid in the past, that was affecting their present day performance, energy, enjoyment and health. With some simple guidance they were able to rapidly clear the mental static that was created by trying to avoid the previous challenging encounters. So the reality is… anybody can become a Storm Dancer anywhere and anytime. Make the Choice! So here is my coaching challenge…Scan through your life-line and see what Life Storms you’ve tried to avoid. What can you do, right now, to resolve and clear the static that’s been created by your attempted avoidance of the situation. The reality is that our bodies can survive and recover from anything, with the exception of death.

So why do we go through life only dancing when the sun is shining? What’s got to happen for you to be courageous and proactive enough to become a storm dancer? To be able to dance in de-light, as well as in de-storm, we need to grow – not remain in our prison we defensively call our comfort-zone.  This means a few things that can transform your life. In fact freedom is just a thought away. And growth and LOVE is the real reason you are here on this planet.

Thought 1. You are not your body or your thoughts – you are much, much, much, more.

Thought 2. Everything in your life up to now – you’ve attracted with your thoughts, decisions and actions.

Thought 3. Pain is inevitable – suffering is a self-induced experience and fully optional.

Thought 4. There is more to life than a job, a diamond ring, a hubby, and fancy clothes.

Thought 5. 80% of people will retire in poverty – mental, emotional and financial poverty.

Thought 6. Resilience & Love are the most fundamentally potent abilities you can have.

Thought 7. Joy is your birthright. Pain, prejudice, fear and politics – you’ve learnt from people hurting themselves unnecessarily.

Thought 8. You think you are awake and aware… But in truth you are probably still fast-asleep. – Time to wake up to your power, your choices and your SELF.

Thought 9. Most people, unconsciously waste their energy, leaking it, either into past issues or future fears, leaving very little for NOW – this is how dis-ease comes about. Stress create 99% of most illness!

Thought 10. You are the master of your experiences, how you interpret them, the meaning you give them, your responses to them, and the juice you get out from them.

For many people, their internal “storms” never cease. What they don’t understand, through lack of consciousness and awareness is that they are the creators of these internal storms, and/or they have allowed themselves to become infected by external attachments or energies that invisibly contaminate their thoughts, feelings, perspectives and experiences. We have the power of choice – Some just don’t use it.

I love the saying…If it is to be…it’s up to me! If you are waiting for the “right time”, waiting for the storms to pass or subside, you will always acquiesce and passively accept the circumstances around you. Instead become your own storm dance leader. Become a leader of yourself and your life through your Soul.

Take charge and take action with courage, love and awareness. Dancing in the Storm love and live life, no matter what the weather. Storm Dancers are free to dance anytime. Storm Dancers are courageous in the face of their fears – They act from love. They ask “why not?”, instead of “why me?” Dancing in the storm are energized by the challenges of life. Storm Dancers learn, explore and grow to become more resilient, more astute, more capable, more aware and more loving. Can you really fully love if you have fear of losing what you love?

Fear Drives Most Choices Most people live the game of life from the perspective of defense – protecting what you have, holding tight to what you’ve created and experienced. Consider living from the perspective of embracing and encountering what life brings. If a soccer team only always defends their goals, they can NEVER WIN the game! To win we must shift our mindset and focus from fearing loss to loving the game. And the game includes winning and losing at times.

“It’s a potent re-frame or shift from happening TO ME, towards…this is happening FOR ME!” This is the reality of life that storm dancers embrace the NOW. Life includes ups and downs. To expect things to ALWAYS be up and perfect is unreasonable, and creates a great internal resistance to and stress about the unexpected and unwanted “downs” of life. Many people who are “depressed” are often unconsciously angry without enthusiasm. Storm Dancers take action instead of waiting for life to bring everything to them in a way they expect it to be. Storm dancers are aware that their internal energy state and thoughts vibrate out into the world, impact others, and attract “like” energies and experiences. Storm dancers have the awareness, the courage and the action power to overcome anything life throws them. And the truth is… so do you. So whether you’re an unconscious Storm Dancer, a neophyte Storm Dancer, or a blossoming Storm Dancer, always remember this…

You have the power to make the difference that makes the real difference in your life and the lives of others. BUT to use your fullest potential and POWER.. You have to be courageous enough to learn dancing in the storm! Only 2% of people get to real LOVE As each person develops their awareness and their consciousness, so too does their personal power and love grow.  According to extensive research by Dr. David Hawkins, (Power Vs Force) less than 2% of the planet ever get to the consciousness level of full authentic love.

Not the weak, frail, needy, you complete me, I need you, I’ll love you if…type of love. It’s the ability to love in spite of the circumstances. Real Love – Dancing in the storm take steps each day to move consciously closer to real authentic LOVE. Time to USE YOUR POWER…Make Your Choice & Take Action So you have a choice to make right now… Are you ready to choose to become a powerful, awake, aware, conscious, energized, loving Storm Dancer? Then choose it now and never ever again allow some external issue or challenge to inhibit your love for self and others. Choose to shine you light in de-light, it’s the light thing to do. Storm Dancers do it with Courage, Energy, Passion. and real Love, in de-light. Namaste’ Your REAL Results Coach & Alchemist Tony Dovale 083-447-6300 www.lifemasters.co.za