Manage your Mind to Manage your Business

Manage your Mind to Manage your Business

Manage your Mind to Manage Your Business Entrepreneur are usually highly energetic individuals with tons of self-motivation and ideas. But that does not automatically mean they will be able to create, manage, and grow their businesses.

As the founder of Life & Business Fundamentals, a service-based business, and before that, a project management expert, I completely understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur.

In the time I’ve been running my own business, I’ve had lots of ups and downs and detours that could and have discouraged anyone. But the aspect that made all the difference, and now a crucial part of what I teach, is how critical it is to manage the way you think. Your thoughts drive your feelings which create the actions you take and, ultimately, the results you get.

There are two key mindsets which entrepreneurs and business owners should be aware of :

The Positive vs. Negative Mindset This one, I think, is pretty self-explanatory. You have the option to think of either positive or negative thoughts. Notice I said ‘option.’ It’s vital to understand and appreciate that you can ‘choose what you think.’ You can choose to think positively, or you can choose negative thinking. Be aware that negative thoughts create negative feelings, which then tend to limit any action or result. Positive thoughts tend to create positive emotions, which then drive engagement and results. It is not too difficult to understand that if you’re always choosing to think negatively, your options become limited, and this can and often does lead to underperformance.

Studies show that those who adopt a positive mindset tend to have a better outlook on life, are better at problem-solving, have high resilience, and are more productive and successful. As an entrepreneur, I have learned that staying positive, mainly when setbacks arise, is vital to keep moving forward. By not letting myself think negatively in moments of crisis, I’m able to brainstorm and find a way forward and not free time being stuck in a negative loop.

The Growth vs. Fixed Mindset The second mindset that concerns entrepreneurs is growth versus fixed mindset. A growth mindset views the opportunities ahead as limitless. The current state of things limits a fixed mindset. Successful entrepreneurs mostly focus on the growth mindset, as it allows them to think big and push forward. An entrepreneur with a fixed mindset will suffer failure and give up.

An entrepreneur with a growth mindset will take a failure and use it as a chance to demonstrate the resilience and determination necessary to overcome that perceived failure. A fixed mindset views the market as limited and shrinking, while a growth mindset sees the market as ever-growing and full of opportunities. As the leader of my business, I know I have to be growth-minded. I tell myself every day that there are thousands of clients I can reach out to, that money is everywhere, and people need what I have.

This keeps me motivated and focused on my end goal. Mindset is something I control and actively choose, and probably more importantly invest in. Developing Your Mindset Having the right mindset is essential for succeeding in business and life. But how can you build your mindset and lead it in the right direction? As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that there are some key things you have to keep doing to maintain a positive and growth mindset. The first is not to limit your thinking. The minute you begin to put limits on what you achieve or what is possible for you, your showing that you do not believe you can make it

. Limiting your thinking will only lead to restricting the ideas that flow, which then stunts any chance for growth and performance. Just as crucial as limitless thinking is being deliberate about your habits and actions. Imagine having a goal to run a marathon, but not being committed to creating the fitness plan that will get you from the couch to the marathon and cross the finish line.

How could that ‘goal’ ever come true, if you only THINK about it as a possibility without creating that plan. If you do not plan for how you will achieve your goals, then they become nothing more than a ‘wish.’ The same thing can be said about any goals you set for your business.

If you’re not deliberate about taking actions and creating a plan which will enable you to achieve those dreams/goals, then nothing will be accomplished. For me, what I have learnt to be right over my many years as a project manager is that in order for projects (aka goals/dreams) to come to fruition, it is vital to set in place a plan which breaks down the steps and tasks needed to be done for both the short and long term, along with any valid dependencies.

It’s critical to manage that plan then, work through any risks and issues, and develop a healthy mindset to ensure that no matter what happens, you are resilient enough to overcome it and met your goals.

By having limitless thinking and being deliberate about behaviors and habits, you can maintain your entrepreneurial spirit, develop a positive mindset, and be open to growth and success in your business. Liz Bloch Business and Life Coach