Relationship Coaching for Women

by | Nov 15, 2020

In the early stage of our marriage, my husband hated when I would bombard him with questions.

He said it gave him a feeling like I was interrogating him.

I couldn’t understand why.

I didn’t think I was accusing him of anything.

Many years later, into our marriage, I’ve learned that I could get answers to my questions when I ask them at the right time and approach him in the right way.

The thing is, I love asking people questions.

As a life coach, that’s what I do. Asking questions helps me to get to know a person and to build a relationship with them.

When I connect with my female clients, I ask questions to get to the heart of their goals and desires. That’s the only way I can assist them.

Why do women hire life coaches?

Many women seek out and hire life coaches because they feel stuck in certain areas of their lives. Some want to improve their communication skills. Others want to lose weight, and others seek out a coach because they are struggling in their relationships, both personal and business ones.

As a woman, I love to see romance, and I love to help others rebuild and rediscover romance and love in their relationships.

What types of help can a coach give with relationships?

Some include:

• God – growing spiritually.

• Self – setting personal goals for growth and change.

• Marriage – helping you improve as a wife and change your perspective by changing the marriage if possible.

Dating helping you to see what to look for in a man by having the right type of conversation to see if this person is right for you. Also, it can include setting boundaries for your dating relationship, among many other things.

• Relationship coaching can also include coaching for your relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, and even your enemies or difficult people with whom you interact daily.

Relationship coaches’ goal is to help you consider your relationship and figure out what you can do to make it work. While you’re not the only one in the relationship, you can only be responsible for changing you.

You may feel stuck, and you may not know how to begin working on your relationship; this is where a coach comes in. A relationship coach’s goal is to ask you questions to help you see what you can do to rebuild your relationship(s) based on your personal goals.

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