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    Aileen C Stokes

    Intuitive Spiritual Coach

    1 year experience

    I am an intuitive spirit based coached. I appreciate the highest calling of each of my clients and want them to reach their greatest potential by releasing fear, past hurts, limiting beliefs, and self sabotage. I utilize my own personal life experiences to guide others through the forest parts of their lives so that they may enjoy their moments of peace and prosperity.

    I am a member of the LGBTQ community and hope to continue to inspire others not only…


    James Brock

    Second Chance Life Coaching

    45 years experience

    I am a survivor of trauma, abuse and addiction.  I’ve learned through hard life how to transform my past into my strength.  I’ve gained insights and clarity about my life’s journey through deep introspection and restless nights.  I’ve come to know my purpose through others’ reflection of my light.  I’m a crazy AdHD guy with insufferable energy that has found direction through helping others.  I have a deep sense about people and how to guide them.  I’m gifted at helping…


    Annie Anderson

    Certified Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Mentor

    15 years experience

    I am a Life Coach. I specialize in helping females build  and maintain their confidence in their personal and professional lives.


    Ann Roth

    Transitional Life Coach

    45 years experience

    I help people to transition into the next phase of their lives to ensure that their choices are clear, fulfilling and meaningful. We all experience change throughout our lives and there are times that we may feel stuck or unable to clearly see our path ahead. This is where I can help. Together we will identify obstacles that are holding you back and help you to focus on making positive changes. 

    I have 40 years experience in counseling clients and…


    Marjorie Forbes

    Naturopath herbalist

    20 years experience

    I am a herbalist Naturopath with many certifications in spiritual teachings. I am currently finishing my doctorate in natural medicine as well. I have over 20 years of experience. I have worked with thousands of people from all over the world. I owned a retreat center for 15 years. I am also a cannabis educator and hemp CBD educator. I also make and sell many products on my website.


    greg goebel

    Gay relationship coach

    1 year experience

    Hi and welcome! 

    My name is Greg Goebel and I am a gay life coach specializing in helping and transforming gay people to live a life of authenticity by creating a healthy relationship with themselves. Also, I’m the founder and CEO of, The Gay Man’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship Starting With You. Regardless of relationship problems, destructive behavior, or self esteem issues, I am ready to help transform your life and move that needle  so that you can finally…


    Marcella Hilferty

    Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Spiritual and Holistic Coach

    14 years experience

    Welcome to my page – more information on the way.


    Karen Moser


    22 years experience

    Helping people transform their lives is what I do. You already know the truth about who you need to be – we will work together to help you uncover and discover the strong person inside of you who has the answers to your questions. As a therapist and a coach, I have many years of experience of empowering people to mobilize change in their lives. Whether it is working with self limiting beliefs or self destructive behaviors or relationship problems,…


    Robin Eaton Spirit Sisters Life Coaching

    Certified Life Coach

    1 year experience

    My name is Robin Eaton and I have a gift I wish to share with you. As we explore your inner self, I can see you happy, peaceful, even fulfilled. Clarity of vision only known to few, I can help you see it for yourself.

    I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school and it was the teachings of Jesus Christ that became my foundation and guide…