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Following the foregoing mathematics formulas – Success, Happy and Hope are greater than Grief, Failure and Sorrow. I am often approached with questions that focus on the metrics that govern

There are several reasons why we can feel a “disconnect” at a certain age. As time passes, the dust clears and some of our familial responsibilities fall away. We are

Seeking our purpose can be extremely frustrating and confusing. We know that there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing, but we are not quite sure what

Stress and alcoholism are irrevocably linked and the prevalence of one triggers the onset of the other. It is imperative for people to understand the deeper link between the two

Art is therapeutic and is sometimes called expressive art or art psychology that is facilitated by the art therapist, in applying art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork

I have been competitively training in the sport of swimming since I was 15 years old. During my high school years, I was able to improve my times every year

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Believing Dreams Will Come True

Until when will you believe? What if you did everything you could, while believing, and still nothing’s happening? What will you do? A. Let go? B. Continue believing? C. Work on something else? I read somewhere that writing your goals will make it real for you. So, one time in

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3 Pertinent Ways to Shift Your Limiting Money Beliefs

Beliefs. They are the underlying operating system for how we make our decisions and therefore what we decide to do and not do. They live in our subconscious mind, which does not have the ability to accept nor reject information. Meaning, any time we have an emotional reaction to something,

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Coaching to Get Results

4 Reasons You Should Use a Business Coach to Get Results

Business coaching is a modern day concept. Many businesses, especially those that think outside the box, are recognizing that having a business coach is a powerful tool that your business can take advantage of. Let’s look at 4 reasons you should use a business coach. #1 A Business Coach Can

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vibrational forces

Take Advantage of your Vibrational Forces

When you give out good vibrational forces, the Universe accepts them and returns them 10-fold to you in the form of a manifested burning desire on your part. So, what are the high forms of vibrational forces that bring your desires to reality? Read on to find out. Love is

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Struggle and Triumph— Motivation

What I learned from a close friend and his 14-year-old daughter: Are you motivated enough to reach the top regardless of your struggle? I witnessed the most amazing thing a few weeks ago. My good friend and his family, along with me and another friend, decided we wanted to tackle

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law of attraction

A Scientific View Of The Law Of Attraction

Since the airing of “The Secret”, countless individuals across the globe have desired to fully understand the law of attraction. Thousands of people browse the Internet every day to find out more on ways to utilize this universal law to get more of the important things they desire in their

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You Need Rest, So What’s Stopping You?

For many, the title alone is imposing, because so many of us have experienced the need of rest alongside its impossibility. Finding the time or opportunity – we’ve tried and tried, but so often we’ve been thwarted. Or sometimes we’ve actually made the space to rest, but our mind wouldn’t

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3 Simple Productivity Steps To Prioritize Tasks

Productivity can be a challenge for anyone, and one of the keys to productivity is preparation. One of the simplest forms of prep-work prior to a busy day is to develop a to-do list, but there are a few tricks to the creation of a task list. Your goal is

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Know thyself first

Know Thyself First

Know thyself first— It is very interesting to note that the world best teachers preach the same doctrine. Know thyself first; everything follow suit! This is the final teaching given by the sages of the past. In Bhagavatam, the Hindu Scripture, there is an interesting dialogue take place between Sage

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