Nathan Townsend is a singer, songwriter, producer, motivational speaker, international

trainer and presenter, professor, writer, social advocate, philanthropist, creative director, fashion designer and consultant, and world-renowned emcee. However, out of all the titles that pose as preludes to his name, the one that matters the most is Life Coach -Counselor.

Nathan is most passionate about his ever-widening work in helping others find their authentic selves. His primary desire is to help others renew, recover, and rebuild.

“I’ve lived. I’ve cried. I’ve fallen. I’ve climbed. I’ve recovered. I’ve survived.”

One of the incredible things about being multi-talented and multifaceted is that it takes a very unique, special, and well-prepared individual to operate in this multiple gifting. It’s even more special when one uses every layer of his or herself to enhance the world. Indeed, transparency is required when one is committed to motivating lives that are stained by shock, fear, and sadness.

Because of his personal ties to such transparency, Nathan is most dedicated to helping others achieve greatness—even during life’s searing circumstances.

“Love lifted me.”

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nathan has been a creative canvas for positive change for several decades. After being diagnosed with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in 1984, he immediately embraced an inspiring and life-changing journey to educate, uplift, and innovatively inspire those who share his same diagnosis.

His commitment to educate, empower, and elevate are the repetitive themes of his mentoring, teaching, and advocating. Whether for human services, educational institutions or individuals, Nathan spreads positive strategies concerning personal and professional development. In His workshops and intimate sharing, he unveils challenges that encircle life challenges, such as denial, anger, and helplessness.

“As long as air fills my vessel, I’ll do what I can.”

“These are my hopes, my dreams, my struggles, and triumphs, as I fqaorge a path that is defining my life…”

Since 1999 Nathan has been on a path of self-discovery where he has made great strides in a myriad of professional and lived experiences. As an award winning menswear designer it’s no wonder he was tapped to provide wardrobing for such talents as The Stylistics, Billy Paul, Mario Van Peoples, Randall Cunningham, and Armstead Edwards (former husband of Patti LaBelle).

Nathan went on to become an accomplished Fashion Writer for the Philadelphia Tribune Magazine where he covered many of the fashion events in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Here he showcased local designers and social events with a flair for deeper and more intimate coverage. Soon Nathan would create his own production company – “PhillyShowcase Inc” where he would produce captivating fashion show productions which featured and discovered some of Philadelphia’s burgeoning talents in fashion design, creative services, and runway modeling.

Later he would open his own catering business where he would be called upon to cater a surprise party for then Mayor John Street, several events for the Philadelphia Housing Authority, and a host of celebrity clientele.

Nathan has established a lifelong career of evolving, reinvention, and developing proven strategies for maximizing one’s potential. Presently, Nathan serves on the Executive Board of THRIVE SS a Community Based Organization in Atlanta that provides supportive services for communities most impacted by HIV and lack of access to care in Atlanta in addition to counseling individuals on personal and professional development.

“As long as air fills my vessel, I’ll do what I can.”

Undoubtedly, Nathan’s educational disposition merges well with his creative abilities. He has a way of using his artsy disposition as a tool for a good balance in his academic delivery; he leads events that illuminate his comforting intimacy, while also educating his audiences on the power of purpose and living in your truth. Nathan regularly studies growing epidemics that inevitably attach to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and other mental health disorders. Because of his honesty and observable passion, audiences easily connect with his Emotional Awareness curriculum. Most certainly, Nathan recognizes that education is key. Thus, being a spokesperson for survival and emotional healing stimulates his personal striving –and thriving as well.

As you can comprehend, this is a gifted human being. His life work is tremendous and lasting…As this bio in brief comes to a literary closure, it is pertinent to share some of the agencies and programs that are tickled by Nathan’s multifaceted gifting.

Destiny Partners:

  • Bill Jolly Music Producer
  • The Stylistics
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority
  • City of Philadelphia
  • Family Service Association of Bucks County
  • Billy Paul AKAS Sorority

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

  • John Street ( Former Mayor Philadelphia)
  • THRIVE SS, INC – Atlanta, Ga
  • Randall Cunningham (Former Eagles Quarterback)
  • Just For You Boutique
  • Philadelphia Dresses The World

THRIVE SS (Board Members)

  • The Body.Com (Featured)
  • Gilead Advocates Network (Published Blogger)
  • Mercks Speakers Bureau (Faculty Consultant)
  • HRSA (Healthy Literacy Trainer

“I have the chance to change lives—to save lives—to illuminate many more endless POZAbilities…”