Maxx Angenetta Jones

by | Dec 7, 2020

My name is Maxx Angenetta Jones. My journey started at Harcum Jr. College where I
chose to study nursing and earned my associate’s degree in two years.

Since I am of a practical persuasion, the people-focused nature of the work attracted and
fascinated me. It inevitably led me to decide on counseling as a further career choice.
My counseling career began by working with clients that needed guidance in all areas of
their lives; relationships, personal growth, and of course, with their children.
It was hard but rewarding work.

My education has continued in many challenging ways. I have been certified in Life &
Relationship Coaching from the Orange Country School of Life Coaching.

After which I gained a master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, from the Archeology
Accredited Studies, at the Tony Robbins School of Life Coaching.
Also, I am qualified as a Master Hypnotist and a seventh Path Teacher of Hypnosis. By
immersing myself in these latest theories and treatments, I had the chance to study
healing in a whole new way.

All the advances and various techniques were laid out before me and my thirst for learning
continued unabated.

This also allowed me to include my natural talents as well, as I am an accredited psychic,
Oracle and spiritual healer. My readings through Tarot and spirit have allowed another
deeper facet to my advice.

Over time my counseling focuses evolved. Becoming more and more focused on another
necessary area. My client’s on-going relationship with the Self in their home and business
lives. My experience and innate knowledge combine to help people explore and reveal
their full potential.

To that end, I have joined Life Coaching Today, together with other coaches from all over
the world, fully trained and experienced, we are dedicated to helping our clients.
I have chosen to share what I have come to understand to a wider circle of clients and in
so doing help even more of those in need.

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