Letting Go of Not Knowing Who You Are

by | Jun 1, 2019

If you sometimes feel as if you don’t know who you are, it is just because too many people are forcing their own ideas on you about who should you be, instead of letting you be who you already are. It is time to let go of all of these unreasonable expectations of others and be the authentic you again.

We all have our moments, when we feel completely lost when we feel like there is no direction for us, no meaning in our life, like there is not even a future or life for us.

However, that is just because we have lost, for a moment, the sense of who we really are. We have simply lost the connection with our true selves and we need to re-establish this connection again.

This feeling of not knowing who we are is, as a matter of fact, a very common one, and is often a direct result of the pressure of our surroundings, including society, our family, our work, media, and even schools and some religions.

We are constantly being pushed into other people’s perceptions regarding who we should be, how we should act, how we should deliver on the acceptance of others.

As a result, we feel a constant inner battle between who we are, who we want to be, and who the surroundings want us to be. No surprise that in such a mess, we don’t know who we really are at all!

Fortunately, it is all, again, just a feeling. And any feeling can be let go!

Once we identify these negative feelings connected to the question of who we really are, or just to the negative feeling of not knowing who we are, we will be able to release these negative feelings, let them go, and rediscover the unique “I” behind them. It is like a lot of haze being in our head, but once this haze is dissolved gradually by constantly letting go, what we will finally see is our clear, authentic self. And this is the moment when we reconnect with our true self again, and our life will start having a direction again. Energy, peace and abundance will come back to our lives – simply because we will be finally allowed to express ourselves fully and therefore start attracting everything we have always wanted in our lives with a new level of confidence, self-esteem, faith and a certain level of joy, instead of fear.

The concept of letting go of not knowing who we are is one of the most abstract concepts in which we can apply letting go to, but it is also the one having the biggest possible long-term impact. This, surely, is again something that quite often needs more letting go exercises and, for a full impact, it might need to be practiced for a few weeks, perhaps even months. But it is truly a life changing experience, once the haze and doubts about who we are let go. Sometimes, it is even like being reborn.

Here is the letting go process for who you are:

  1. In a quiet place, close your eyes. Let your mind bring up any feelings in relation to not knowing who you are. Don’t judge any of them! Very important!
  2. Start embracing and experiencing these feelings fully.
  3. Again, DON’T JUDGE any of these feelings, and mainly, DON’T judge yourself in any way! Just let the feelings come out and experience them, without any attachments. Be an observer of your own feelings, without any attachment or judgment. If you start having any feeling like “I can’t”, just start experiencing feelings of “I can´t” and let them go as well.
  4. Start surrendering yourself to these feelings slowly; let them express themselves fully all over your body (or any other part where you feel them most intensively). Don’t push them back; don’t block them or act on them either. Just let them be in their natural way and instead, be an independent observer, as if they weren’t even yours.
  5. After a while, decide about letting them go once and forever, and then let them actually go and disappear.
  6. Once the wave of the feelings is let go, ask yourself: “Who am I”?
  7. If you l feel any negative or unclear feelings again, repeat the process from the first step, until these negative feelings and negative self-judgments are gone.

After some practice, you will really start feeling and understanding your true nature. It will be a very positive revelation and it will slowly start changing your life and increasing your self-esteem. Don’t be afraid of doing this practice more often and keep practicing for weeks, or even months.

And for a final inspiration – a short video with very powerful meditation on who you really are.

Just be yourself!

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