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by | Oct 15, 2020

To be content, to make others around them happy, to experience life to it’s fullest. These are the top three purposes we try to develop in life regularly. Without happiness, smiling appearances around us, and living life to the fullest, what kind of life would we be?

Today, I would like to introduce Kaizen – many of you may have discovered this before, but to some, this may be a strange word. Simply put, it is a Japanese management strategy that can be combined into all aspects of your life, from work situations to personal life matters and the management thereof.

Roughly translated, it means; “Constant slow growth or good change.” Kaizen is the philosophy of doing small steps, or contributions, that work towards a meaningful change, or ‘big picture.’ It centers on you and me, the people who form part of a small business, corporation, and country. It comprises the little things that can be modified by each one of us on the path to becoming better, stronger, fitter Human Beings.

This is achieved by strengthening and improving on the little things that, with time, effort and persistence, add to a way of life, building success almost effortlessly. To get to this point, we have to overcome our bad eating practices, thinking, loss of exercise, and stress. We have to take small but calm steps towards reaching our goals, no matter what they might be! We can use the strength and effectiveness of Kaizen, to achieve all of this.

Kaizen is a long term responsibility. It takes a long term view, and the essential principles are that it is a daily, constant, and steady exercise. Huge and swift gains don’t have to be executed. Small changes are meaningful, and it is vital that you constantly look at ways of doing things better, no matter how small. You know the saying, “if it works, why change it?”

The Kaizen philosophy implies that there are always ways to change things, regardless of how small these changes may be. We all know that it is better to stop a difficulty than to repair one. By including the Kaizen principles into your life, any hindrance to your progress can be excluded, even if it is one step at a time. Just remember, a thousand-mile walk begins with the first step.

How to start?

You have to start with your mind. What drives you? What is your purpose for wanting to do whatever it is you want to do, be it weight loss, organizing a trip, or enhancing your financial well-being? How will touching those goals make you feel and how it might improve your life?

We have to learn to be calm. Your dedication to your goals can only measure this. You are pledging to changes to better your life, and this will not shift overnight. As they say, Rome was not built in a day! When you have welcomed the Kaizen philosophy, you will not be put off by difficulties. Still, you will improve your perception with purposes based on timelines and measuring your progress daily by holding to your commitment.

Well, now it’s time to take a closer look into this topic of Kaizen, through this little adventure, we are going to reveal precisely what Kaizen is, the history following it, the various types of Kaizen, how to perform a Kaizen atmosphere in your home, and much more.

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