From The Universe: It’s About the Right Feeling!

by | Aug 1, 2019

“How about I share a little secret with you in exchange for a nice, toothy smile?

Deal. Here goes… There’s someone about to enter your life, either presently alive in time and space, or about to be born, whom you’ve obviously not yet even met, who will, in short order, fall very, deeply in love with you and the other way around.

Teeth, please –
The Universe

Has it happened yet for you? I know it did for me. However, for many others, it will come very soon. Why do you think we have so many dating website out there to cater to this need? That is because everything is looking for that magic connection, a chemistry that is very difficult to obtain, a love that is very hard to find. Many navigate through life, connecting with the wrong person, making mistakes and realizing it afterwards. No one can really predict how a relationship will end as many put a nice front in the beginning, then changes afterwards. By that time, a co-dependent relationship is created and it will eventually end really badly. So, the question is often asked: “How will I ever know if this is the right person for me?” Many have tried to find the ideal significant other by dating many people and being more aware of odd signs that can and will be detrimental to a healthy relationship. Sometimes, humans will give priority to physical looks and ignore the signs of that person being the wrong one in every aspect.

Unless you are just looking for a good time, long term hope with that individual shouldn’t be a top priority. It is important to listen to that inner voice that will always guide you the right way and if signs are telling you to run in the opposite direction, I would suggest to tie your shoes and start running fast.

People get attracted to certain others because of the energy signature to exude from their bodies. It is not uncommon to come across similar energy signatures with someone but if you do not cultivate them TOGETHER, these energies will fade out and problems begin. Always focus on how you work together and if someone is looking for a heightened spiritual guidance and the other isn’t looking for a similar calling, chances are that the relationship will eventually fail if no one makes the effort to reconnect down the line. It can be challenging to keep these energy signatures following the same parallel path of life as many couples may look for something different as they get older and their need changes. Like anything else in life, if you want something to succeed, you need to work hard at it. Don’t fret the little arguments you may have between you and your significant other as they demonstrate that difference of opinions is important to be shared between both parties and as long as it stays to be a healthy argument, you will be able to build a strong foundation for the future.

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