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by | Apr 3, 2019

Inspiring others: 4 great steps

Being a life coach, you need to be able to inspire others to make a change in your life. However, has there been a time, where you are worried that you won’t have the answer, or you’ll give the wrong answers? Well here are 4 great steps for you as a life coach to take to help inspire others to make a change.

1. Be there for them
When they signed up for your sessions, your clients know that they are being held accountable to you. They know that next week you are going to ask them did they do it. You just need to be there for them. By being there for them, you are helping to push them to discover what is important in their life and inspiring them to move towards achieving their goal each and every day.

2. Listen to them
You need to listen to your clients with undivided attention. You need to gather what the client is saying and what the client actually means. You may ask questions such as what steps can you take to what do you really mean? This way you are asking questions that will make the client really think of what they are really saying.

3. Talking it out
Sometimes all that is needed to find a solution to the problem is to talk it out. Every week, you are giving your client the chance to talk out the problem that has been bugging them for the whole week. When the both of you are talking out the problem, it will shed more light on the issue they are facing.

4. Two head are better than one.
When your client is telling you about their issue, you are able to observe it from a detached point of view. This is because you are not personally involved in that issue. You are then able to give an objective observation that will give a whole different perspective to your client’s issue. You might even suggest different solutions that they have never thought of.

In conclusion, most people think that to inspire others, you need to get out of your box and do the fantastic to reach to the clients. The most important thing actually is to be there for the client and to be understanding. Only through that you will be able to inspire your clients to make a change for the better.

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