From Fired to Fired Up

by | May 1, 2022

Hey everyone, stick around to the end because I promise you will get something out of this.

Being at Movement Maker Live by the Unleash You Team made me think of my first major conference, The Landmark Forum.

When I did the Forum, I had just given up my first company, my 7-year relationship had come to an explosive end, the Spiritual Life Center that I had worked with and truly changed my existence had closed, and I was taking care of my mother who could die at any moment.

Not to mention, I worked two jobs, had little life, and was completely unsure if I wanted to continue on this plane.

Yep, I was a workaholic. It is strange thinking about those times. I was working 5 days a week as an event specialist and then 2 – 3 days a week back at the Pizza Hut that they would dangle over my head all the time after I went back into a store. Not to mention taking care of Mom which at the time was also a full-time job.

While I was in the Forum, I stated that I would actually go to the lake more and actually enjoy my summer. 

Now if you have done the Landmark Forum you know it is all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then you come back for your completion event Tuesday Night.

That Monday, I got a text from my boss at Pizza Hut. I was fired. I was so relieved! That summer, I was at the beach at least once a week and truly enjoyed my life for the first time in quite a while.

So what is the lesson? You don’t necessarily have to quit a job to enjoy your life if you follow these three steps:

1. Guard your time wisely. While it seems like a good idea to be superman or superwoman, you don’t have to do everything. Learn when to say no when it isn’t for your highest and best.

2. I wasn’t always a nature boy (and still not as much as you would think) It wasn’t so much about going to the lake as it was enjoying the world around me. Later I found joy in going to the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Science Center, and other landmarks around Detroit.

3. Your job will replace you before your obituary is printed.  The days of 30 years, a pension, and a watch are over. Ultimately, what you do for money is there to support your life, not be your life.

Look, this week during the Freedom Sessions Call in the Freedom Entrepreneurs United Community I took the time to re-record the first training of the True Awesome Life Mastermind. In this training, we celebrate the Art of Being You by helping you create a ground of being, find your purpose, and define success for yourself instead of what society has programmed us to believe.

If there is nothing else you ever get from me, this lesson will change your life. Knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and what YOU see as success is such a powerful way to build a foundation for anything that you want to create in your business or your life. 

See it free in the Freedom Entrepreneurs United Community under guides.

You are loved!


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