Doubts or Fears?

by | May 8, 2020

At times we are in doubt if we should do something or not, follow one course or another. We are unsure and cannot find a way to figure it out. It is important to realize that often we are not in doubt, but in fear. We have an intuition of what we should do or which course to take but we mistake fear for doubt. Choosing to follow a certain course brings its own fears and worries. That fear causes us to get stuck seemingly in a situation where we have “doubt” as to what we should do. When we correctly identify doubt as fear, we achieve the clarity that was previously obscured. At that point we should re-invite the fear. This time it enters not as a “doubt” but just as the fear you have upon deciding a certain course. It is appropriate to experience it, as it is natural to have fear upon selecting a course of action. Accept these fears for what they are, the natural anxieties that follow a definitive choice.

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