When I ran restaurants and nightclubs I learned the importance of solid closing routines. 

There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty kitchen, or not having enough prep because someone else didn’t do their job.

The same thing applies to working online.

What I see is that people either don’t ever turn off and are working all hours of the night or don’t set themselves up powerfully so that they are always playing catch-up.

I teach a three-step process to our clients for closing down.

1. Check tomorrow’s schedule and schedule in anything that was incomplete for the day.

2. Do a nightly journal that acknowledges what you have completed, what you learned, what you are grateful for, and allows you space to get anything out of your head so that you can rest.

3. Turn off your device and do something else. Sometimes this is the most difficult step. I have found that cleaning up my RV is a great way to put some space between me and work.

So tell me, do you close, and do you have a solid closing routine that sets you up for success?

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