by | May 19, 2023

So where do we begin? There are so many influencers out there. For relationships, podcasts, Tik Tok, Twitter. There is also a tug of war going on between men and women, it doesn’t even matter what culture. It has just so many things to unravel with the rise of all these relationship influencers. So, let’s see, let’s unravel this together. Lately, there has been articles coming out concerning the rise of
unhappy, lonely men and how they are moving back in with their parents. Why are these men lonely? Why are they unhappy? I guess that’s as good a place to start as any? Dating is difficult. A lot of men believe that they want things to go back to the old-fashioned ways, where
women cooked and cleaned and gave up their further education and career prospects for their husbands. Women would met someone from ages 18 to 27,
working in a mediocre job before marriage. That’s from the masculine side of it and there is so many
things going on from a woman’s point of view. We want to be able to provide for ourselves, because time has shown that if you can’t provide for yourself, you could be left out in the cold or doing something strange or sexual to make money.

Women have become more independent, more self-sufficient. They want to be able to take care of themselves, so women are able to educate themselves
now. Women have jobs now. Women are filing for divorces because they are left in these relationships emotionally unhappy. On the other hand, men are saying that women have too many expectations and women are saying, we don’t want to cook and clean. So, we have the rise and fall of relationships as we have known them, and now, influencers on top of everything else. So, women have jobs, men are at home unhappy and influencers are out of control. How does this end? Where does this go? How do we find a way back to each other? Can we even find a way back? Women find themselves liking their peace and quiet. They can do so much more now than when they were married. And those influencers say, women are supposed to cook, clean and keep the home. The men are supposed to provide and protect. Okay, where are you living that needs to be protected? The average male makes anywhere from $30 to $60,000 a year. You cannot provide for family on that salary. Meaning both parties have to work. Then, it follows that both parties have to cook and clean, because it is hardly fair for a woman to have to work, come home to cook and clean, and take care of the kids, while a man just goes to work and comes home to relax. I’ll let you guys weigh in on that, but for me, it is a definite no.
What is going on with dating? Should women let the man pick them up? Should they spit the bill or allow men to pay? How do we stay safe? Should the
women let the man see her home? Covid has changed a lot of things drastically. Where are we in these times? Men believe women are no longer vulnerable or soft any more, that they are too masculine. I want to take a moment to say, that if women are masculine it is because they were forced to be that way because they had to lead. There was a disappearance of leadership in the male community. You men may not want to believe that, but to a certain extent, its true. This agenda is being pushed that men and women have sex for different reasons. That men can have sex with other women and it does not mean that they do not love you. It means that they want to have sex outside the relationship and that women should accept that fact. Maybe in some relationships that is good, maybe it is acceptable, but you should tell the woman up front if that is your intention.

From my standpoint, if you are in a committed relationship having sex outside of that relationship, it means you cheated. It does not mean that you have options you can exercise. It does not mean that you have a right to do what you please, because that is selfish. To cheat on your partner, whether you’re the man and the woman, is selfish. Doing something you know will hurt the person you claim to care about is selfish. While it may be true that men and women have sex for different reasons. However, in a committed relationship, there must be true honesty and openness. If there is not, it says a lot about your character and how you see love as negotiable.

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