True Harmony

I wanted to share the story of my journey to becoming a certified women’s coach and business consultant and the extremely proud owner of Harmony Business and Life Solutions.  Based in Scotland I help many women find their light and claim back their power of self-limiting beliefs within themselves and enable them to see there [...]

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Maxx Angenetta Jones

My name is Maxx Angenetta Jones. My journey started at Harcum Jr. College where I chose to study nursing and earned my associate’s degree in two years. Since I am of a practical persuasion, the people-focused nature of the work attracted and fascinated me. It inevitably led me to decide on counseling as a further [...]

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Power Up Your Inner Coach

“Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes” - James Allen in As A Man Thinketh As human beings, we are bestowed with an inner knowing that enables us to consciously choose the course of our lives. Like a ship’s weather monitoring system, this guidance is [...]

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Business Blogging to Boost your Business

Business blogging is an unbelievable online marketing means that conserve you thousands of dollars but gives numerous business opportunities in just one snap. Blogs are customized, user-friendly, and adaptable to distribute valuable data for your outputs' efficient positioning in the business. Businesses involving enterprise blogging have a clear advantage beyond their opponents. Here are some [...]

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Homeopathic Remedies to Relief Anrhrosis

There are many home remedies for arthrosis that you can try. As with everything, be mindful of interactions with medications and your other conditions. Itís not worth it to put your health at risk based on unstudied, anecdotal remedies. That said, many find relief with some of these homeopathic remedies. * Ginger and Turmeric Tea [...]

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Relationship Coaching for Women

In the early stage of our marriage, my husband hated when I would bombard him with questions. He said it gave him a feeling like I was interrogating him. I couldn't understand why. I didn't think I was accusing him of anything. Many years later, into our marriage, I've learned that I could get answers [...]

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Is There A Need for Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a set of coaching strategies and skills to help clients manage conflict and resolve conflict. Having the coach act as a neutral third party gives the client someone to use as a sounding board to explain, consider, and contemplate solutions to the conflict. When to Use Conflict Coaching The obvious answer is, [...]

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How to Pick a Niche Coaching Business

Selecting a niche coaching business will help you focus your talents and skills and narrow your target market to make marketing and promotion more natural. Though choosing a niche can be a great idea, it's wise to do a little analysis and research before narrowing your group of potential clients. 3 Keys About Making Money [...]

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Soar as a Certified Relationship Coach

If you have a passion for empowering, educating, and inspiring couples, then becoming a soulful relationship coach may be the next greatest action for you. Some are in crisis, they need to improve their communication skills, and others want to grow an excellent relationship. Whatever the specific need is, you can help provide solutions. A [...]

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Modify Your Habits to Raise Your Self-esteem

Behavioral psychologists state that we may change our feelings by adjusting our behavior. For example, a few studies have shown that we become more satisfied if we walk about with a smile on our faces. Change It You can hasten your path to expanded confidence by adjusting your behavior. Try smiling a lot. It will [...]

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