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March 2022 Horoscope

Horoscopes March 2022 March 2 New Moon in ShatabhishakMarch 6 Mercury in Aquarius March 13 Sun in Pisces  March 16 Rahu in Aries/Ketu in LibraMarch 18 Full Moon in Uttara Phalguni March 24 Mercury in Pisces March 30 Venus in Aquarius New Moon in Shatabhishak puts a focus on the support and healing of humanity. Along with protection, secrets, medicine, groups, knowledge, creative talents, dreaming, and metaphysics. This is a good time to incorporate a spiritual, meditation, or healthy practice into [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

Walmart Relationships Just say no!

Walmart Relationship’s.It was called the movie-star lifestyle. In reality it was people obsessed with more! The loveliest companion in a relationship that was anything but; the faster sleeker car that got you nowhere; the expensive house that was always empty. Their lives shrunk down to a series of unfulfilled needs! Temporary moments of relief bought not with a credit card but with pieces of their sanity! Always convinced satisfaction was just around the corner, just [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

Thoughts from the Road: Accountability

Have you ever noticed that  you get all jazzed up about an idea, or maybe it is a resolution like getting in shape, or maybe it is that course you wanted to do but dropped out before the end?If you are anything like me, you're all motivated for a bit, then one day you don't feel like it, or you have something come up, or you get busy and you decide that you can skip [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

Let’s talk about Self-Sabotage

We have all been there right?Almost to a goal...Then we do something to fuck it all up.If you are anything like me, it isn't pretty.So why do we do it?We do it to keep ourselves "SAFE"I know seems a little crazy right?!?Anytime our identity is out of its comfort zone it starts freaking out and will do anything to get back into it's warm comfortable space.Most of the time by saying things like "you aren't [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

Do You Have A Solid Closing Routine?

When I ran restaurants and nightclubs I learned the importance of solid closing routines. There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty kitchen, or not having enough prep because someone else didn't do their job.The same thing applies to working online.What I see is that people either don't ever turn off and are working all hours of the night or don't set themselves up powerfully so that they are always playing catch-up.I teach a three-step [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

You Are Responsible For Your Satisfaction In This Moment : Thoughts from the Road

It took me a while to process this recently. Christmas was definitely not what I imagined when I started this journey. I was really thinking that "If I had my motorhome back I would be happier." or "If I was at my Uncle's place" things would be better. I too was stuck in the "If  X then Life Would Be Y"Now really it isn't my fault, and it isn't yours either.We are bombarded with messages [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

Thoughts From the Road: Attachment the Road to the Darkside

It is funny sometimes how having a conversation with my mother can bring up the craziest things. It isn’t a secret that I have been waiting for a couple of months for my engine to be fixed on my motorhome.  Luckily, my niece and her husband have allowed me to chill on her couch while I have been waiting but I can tell you, I am in the way here.There just isn’t any way around [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

How to find the love of your life

What if I told you the way to find the love of your life is to dig deep and start healing your own wounds. How would you respond? Does this resonate or do you want to resist it/reject it? Maybe this worries you because you think you are too broken? Possibly you are in the camp of all men suck/all women suck? All these perspectives are valid if you are seeing the world this way.The [...]

By |May 16, 2022|Coaching|

From Fired to Fired Up

Hey everyone, stick around to the end because I promise you will get something out of this.Being at Movement Maker Live by the Unleash You Team made me think of my first major conference, The Landmark Forum.When I did the Forum, I had just given up my first company, my 7-year relationship had come to an explosive end, the Spiritual Life Center that I had worked with and truly changed my existence had closed, and [...]

By |May 1, 2022|Coaching|

To Love. Or not to love

Hello everyone, it's that time of the year again, Valentine's Day. Romance is in the air! That time where Cupid takes aim to link two hearts with his arrow or is that really true? Are we truly driven to love by some semi-divine archer, all diapers and wings who comes once a year to inflict the whole gambit of human emotion upon us, when there is only one we wish to experience: True love.Why put [...]

By |May 1, 2022|Coaching|

Thoughts from the Road: The Power of An Aligned Platform

Thoughts from the Road: The Power of An Aligned Platform Back when I was learning communications in college, they were always speaking about staying true to your platform. Yet, the only time we really hear platforms talked about these days is during political elections. I believe it is the concept of “platform” is the missing link for those who are looking to make a bigger impact.So What Is a Platform?A platform is where who you are, [...]

By |March 20, 2022|Coaching|

The Journey to find true fucking love ??

My name is Maxx Angenetta Jones, this is mother beginning journey  of my book about love and relationships from an intuitive entrepreneur's point of view. However, in the first portion of my life I went through the normal things that everyone goes does. How we all want to be with someone, to share our life with someone. We want a significant other in our lives. Some of the journeys that we take getting there can [...]

By |March 20, 2022|Coaching|

True Harmony

I wanted to share the story of my journey to becoming a certified women’s coach and business consultant and the extremely proud owner of Harmony Business and Life Solutions.  Based in Scotland I help many women find their light and claim back their power of self-limiting beliefs within themselves and enable them to see there is far more to their lives than the condition of their old story which leads to my old story I [...]

By |December 9, 2020|Coaching|

Maxx Angenetta Jones

My name is Maxx Angenetta Jones. My journey started at Harcum Jr. College where I chose to study nursing and earned my associate’s degree in two years. Since I am of a practical persuasion, the people-focused nature of the work attracted and fascinated me. It inevitably led me to decide on counseling as a further career choice. My counseling career began by working with clients that needed guidance in all areas of their lives; relationships, [...]

By |December 7, 2020|Coaching|

Power Up Your Inner Coach

“Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes” - James Allen in As A Man Thinketh As human beings, we are bestowed with an inner knowing that enables us to consciously choose the course of our lives. Like a ship’s weather monitoring system, this guidance is ever present to you, the Captain at the wheel, to sail through everyday life. The question then is, why do [...]

By |December 5, 2020|Coaching|
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