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Teryl Singleton Jr

Hello, my name is Teryl Singleton. Jr and I am a certified life coach. It is my goal to help people. Too help them transition to a better, more authentic version of themselves. Too see them make a difference in their lives, achieving their goals and dreams. Moving them passed fear and into an empowerment that enhances their lives.

I have held jobs in the service industries and a need to help people when no one else would is what I brought to all of them. I took it as my responsibility. Each of us has an essential drive that defines us and others perception of us. This is mine.
My skills developed while helping my family and friends discover their value. Showing them it is right they should never settle for anything less than their worth. I made social media videos about growth, putting yourself first and achieving your dreams but it was in connecting with a person that I found my calling. By using my voice as a powerful tool, because words have always held power and I listen to theirs with all my attention.
How else am I to help? Knowing is half the battle, after all.

That drive is now a promise to my client’s. I keep it by creating a safe space for them to be open, where they know they are accepted and not judged. Where emotions are shared and connections made. It is such a fulfilling feeling, knowing you have had an impact on someone life, that you were their breath of fresh air.
With all the disturbing things people see each day, it’s time for more positivity in our lives. And people are the innovators; the motivators; the self-creators. Their imagination is what makes an idea become reality. And I will be the one who made that difference in them.

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