Shmuel Brody

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Shmuel Brody

We have all been there or will be there... the major decisions of life! It helps to have a coach, I'm Shmuel and I'd like to be yours.

WHO I COACH: I coach young men and women who are ready to make major life decisions such as relationships and career but are overwhelmed and maybe also scared!

MY EXPERIENCE: I am a certified family coach, grief coach, meditation teacher and Rabbi with over 16 years of experience. I have guided and coached many men and women who have stood confused at the crossroads of life and have helped guide them to their clarity. I am trained in the IFP modality of therapy which which is very effective in moving through suppressed feelings to allow for emotional healing and healthy relationships.

MY X FACTOR: I establish a rapport with my clients that helps them feel comfortable and at the same time my pointed questions allows them to move effectively to their goals. I am a deep listener with a unique voice that helps people feel relaxed. I have a keen ability to sift through confusion and help my clients see things clearly.

Gender : Male

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  • Hourly Rate : $125


  • Spiritual & Relationship