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At times we are in doubt if we should do something or not, follow one course or another. We are unsure and cannot find a way to figure it out.... More


Shmuel Brody

WHAT I DO: I coach 20 & 30 somethings who are stuck but know they can achieve much more in life or are looking to overcome obstacles to strengthen their relationships.

I offer two types of coaching:

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING: Do you have a dream of achieving something great like a new career or relationship but you find yourself stuck? Have you tried numerous times, failed and don't know if its something you'll ever accomplish? Personal Development coaching involves asking pointed questions leading you to sharply identify your goals, gain a renewed belief in yourself, identify your obstacles, take concrete steps, and have accountability until your goal is attained and maintained.

RELATIONSHIP COACHING: Are you encountering obstacles in your current relationships? Do you want it to be great but aren't sure how to get there? Relationship Coaching can unblock your obstacles. Using the IFP modality and effective techniques you can work through it to bring relief and healing, allowing for satisfying and strong relationships.

MY EXPERIENCE: I am a Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach and Rabbi with over 16 years of experience. I have guided and coached many men and women who have stood confused at the crossroads of life and have helped guide them to their clarity. I am trained in the IFP modality of therapy which is highly effective in moving through suppressed feelings to allow for emotional healing and healthy relationships.

MY X FACTOR: I establish a rapport with my clients that helps them feel comfortable and at the same time my pointed questions allows them to move effectively to their goals. I am a deep listener with a unique voice that helps people feel relaxed. I have a keen ability to sift through confusion and help my clients see things clearly.

Coaching may be what you need now to reach your goals.
Check out my website at shmuelbrodycoaching.com to book a free 30 min. consultation if you'd like to experience what coaching with me is like.

Gender : Male

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  • Hourly Rate : $125


  • Spiritual & Relationship