About Robin Eaton Spirit Sisters Life Coaching

My name is Robin Eaton and I have a gift I wish to share with you. As we explore your inner self, I can see you happy, peaceful, even fulfilled. Clarity of vision only known to few, I can help you see it for yourself. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school and it was the teachings of Jesus Christ that became my foundation and guide in this life. The simplicity of Love Thy Neighbor spoke to me as a child and effected me in a profound way. A childhood trauma took away my innocence and shook my life to the core. Even with church teachings and the urging of the Holy Spirit; fear, insecurity and depression claimed me. This caused my early life to be one crazy misguided adventure after the other with many joys and tragedies along the way. Even though fear and depression remained with me for years, a deep yearning blossomed along side of it that stayed with me. A yearning for deeper connections to God and Spirit. Many times I stumbled and fell throughout my teens and twenties but even then my soul’s longings grew stronger. I attended college to pursue a degree in elementary education. I found love, got married, and was graced with two children. My longing led me to research many of the world’s religions and spiritual teachings along with psychology and scientific studies. I was hoping to reclaim the peace and connection to God I had as a child. My research led me to many truths and even more questions. I started looking inward, delving deeper into my own soul. I studied and practiced meditation and yoga and connected with my Creator in an essential way. Bringing with it breakthroughs and transformations as I was led by Spirit. Discovery of my Spirit guides allowed my own spiritual gifts to manifest and develop my innate Clair abilities, Clarity of vision and a mastery of Reiki and a life coaching certification became my responsibility. Study and practice of these skills is an expression of my gratitude. It has brought about an inner strength and peace that carries me through each day with joy in my heart. Granting me tools to help people in their journeys in this life; to give others the same confidence as they face the world. I am a spiritual life coach.
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