Ronda Bonfanti

Life & Health Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist

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Ronda Bonfanti

Hi, I'm Ronda Bonfanti, founder of Loss To Love Coaching. I discovered the power of the Grief Recovery Method when I was seeking answers for why I didn't feel free to experience unconditional joy or happiness.

Though on the outside, my life was going well, I struggled with feeling like there was something wrong with me. Why couldn't I just let go and thrive like everyone else seemed to?

The Grief Recovery Method helped me finally to understand my pain and empowered me to feel my way through it. My transformation was so strong that it led me on a path to becoming a coach to help others break free from their own emotional burdens and live happier lives.

I am trained as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist through The Grief Recovery Institute, a Health Coach through Emory University, and a Certified Professional Life Coach through Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

"Without a smoothly flowing emotional energy system, our ability to live with authenticity and joy, to have satisfying and meaningful relationships, to distinguish right from wrong, to learn from life, are profoundly diminished."

-Miriam Greenspan

Gender : Female

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  • Life & Health Coaching, Grief Recovery


  • M - F 9 am - 6 pm
  • Occasional weekends available

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  • Hourly Rate : $65


  • English


  • Virtual Coaches