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James Brock

I am a survivor of trauma, abuse and addiction. I’ve learned through hard life how to transform my past into my strength. I’ve gained insights and clarity about my life’s journey through deep introspection and restless nights. I’ve come to know my purpose through others’ reflection of my light. I’m a crazy AdHD guy with insufferable energy that has found direction through helping others. I have a deep sense about people and how to guide them. I’m gifted at helping others get honest about their emotional barriers and I have the passion to keep them motivated to achieve their goals. I don’t take No for an Answer when it comes to someone telling me that they can’t change. Can’t means you don’t want to and life has given me seemingly impossible barriers that I’ve found my way through. Its time to let me help you do the same! I’m a transformational coach! I’m here to help you tackle your demons. Be it depression, worthlessness, brokenness, addiction. I’m here to lead you to your Better You!

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