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Jane Terlizzi

Certified Life Coach

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Stay at Home Moms. Parents(that means you dads!). A guide to getting you on your path to your true desires. No more venting to your spouse, friends, or family members.... More


Jane Terlizzi

Hi There! I want to thank you for checking out my page and reading more about me. Let's dive in shall we. How should I write, this, how do I explain about me, to convince you this will be one of the greatest decisions you make to meet me. I am not full of myself. I just know my potential, talents, life experience, and my current practices. Life coaching is in my blood, my life's journey brought me here. This stay at home mom of 3 crazy boys who constantly make me come out of my comfort zone and hold me accountable, working for a talented Psychologist and Executive Coach Dr. Isaura Gonzalez,Psy.D for about a decade, which has given me the knowledge behind the power of this woman and this field, married to my high school sweetheart who works in Workforce Development and who has challenged me and loved me and grew with me throughout all the stages of our lives, and the moments of people being drawn to me and feel close to me very quickly. Every moment leading me to now has brought my passion to life. I am a coach, an exponential listener, creative thinker, writer,mom, wife, daughter,sister,friend, movie buff, indie music fanatic, and out of the box thinking kind of woman, and human. Did you know your brain doesn't full mature until age 24? It's kind of funny that is when my husband and I Got married. We were babies!! At the time you know marriage is forever, but you don't truly know until you are in it, and with kids, and then 3! It's not easy, and you put in the work, but the reward of the bond you have with a person you have all this history with is priceless. When I entered my 30's, I started to grow more within myself, untapped into an unused part of my brain if you will. Reflected on my past, my wrong doings, wrong doings done unto me, the sad and bad luck events, and of course the great memories to hold on to that goodness in life; . Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. It holds very true.

Once this reflection or new light happened, I become happier, my marriage became stronger, my conversations became deeper, closer relationships around me, and found a way to utilize my creativity in a professional way. Was it easy? NO Is it easy now?HELL NO. We constantly change and evolve because that's what life and time does. But we can hold ourselves back, overthink, feel stuck in a loop, or just don't know what we want.

I was a quiet kid, and in turn I think I ingrained in my mindset to keep feelings to myself generally, and that muted my creative side. But NOW and the last 2 years I am speaking up more, sharing my thoughts, grew as a coach, and started my own business with more knowledge from training on top of life experience. I am special in the way I operate, how I think, how I truly listen and hear people, how I see all perspectives, and the limits of a human being. I am Jane Terlizzi, I am a trained Life Coach, ALC and Certified Relationship Coach.

Enough about me, I can write a novel and keep going, but this is about you. I want to meet you and hear your story. Let's create the new journey and your way of thinking towards life. 2020, times are getting tougher, busier, and we are expected to do it all, or pretend to because hello social media. Let's remove the negative thought of reaching out to me or looking for guidance. It shows you are growing and you need to keep up with yourself. Reach your true potential and your goals. Grow closer with your partner or spouse, and those around you. Meeting me is a step in the right direction. You have the power.. I hope to meet you soon.

Gender : Female

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  • Coaching for Women,Moms,Parents,Marriage


  • 3:00-7:30pm

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  • Hourly Rate : 100


  • Life-Coaches
  • Health & Wellness
  • Spiritual & Relationship
  • Virtual Coaches


  • Marriage
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  • Motherhood
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