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Gary Stamper

My no B.S. unique coaching style is largely geared around people who are seeking guidance through life changes: Starting, maintaining, or ending a relationship, career changes or start-ups, and helping people successfully navigate those important changes into transformative experiences. The largest portion of my clients come from men who either have or are retiring - or possibly even can't retire - and are trying to rediscover who they are or will be in what's supposed be the "Golden Age" of retirement, helping them discover new meaning and purpose as they move from being warriors into the realm of the wise elder.

I have an amazing array of tools and experience that help me guide my clients on a journey to self-discovery that includes ancient shamanic altered-state techniques and guided journeys to help them dive deeper into their inner world than they ever imagined to guide them to what they're really passionate about, as well as cutting edge Integral and Developmental Psychology tools to meet them where they're at to help them understand not only why change happens, but how. At the end of our sessions together, they will have discovered what they want to do and they'll have a plan on how they're going to do it, all based on what's already inside of them, but just needs some gentle coaxing out with my compassionate and skillful help.

How deep can you go?

How deep do you want to go?

Gender : Male

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  • Retirement, men's issues


  • 9 am - 6 pm
  • Closed Sunday

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  • Hourly Rate : depends on service
  • Daily Rate : Package Rates Available


  • Expert English


  • Life-Coaches
  • Business & Career
  • Spiritual & Relationship
  • Transformational Coaches
  • Alternative & Holistic
  • Virtual Coaches


  • Developmental and Evolutionary processes, Shamanism, altered states technologies