About Darrell LaSane

My name is Darrell LaSane. I am a Career Confidence Coach and the owner of Why Not Me Career Coaching and Counseling. I help female would be entrepreneurs and freelancers who have struggled with the confidence to start their business. Women who have a fear of failure and a fear of what success would look like for them. I guide them to realizing that they can reach their goals and achieve the success they have only dreamed of; not just in their career but in their lives. I was this woman. I was that woman who dreamed of working for herself. All my life I wanted to own my own company, make my own hours, make money AND be available for kids and my family. It was truly a dream of mine. I tried almost everything to make that work. I did any work-from-home job/gig you can think of. I went to school for medical coding so I could do that from home (never found a job). Customer service, tech support, user tests, surveys, voter tracking, package delivery, grocery delivery…you name it, I probably tried it. I started what seems like 100 businesses. From facial scrubs to furniture rejuvenation. If I had an idea, I would try and start a business. Why not? I had all these great business ideas that I would never start. Why? Because I was afraid of success, I was afraid of failing, I was afraid of disappointing my family; I was an anxiety ridden ball of fears. I didn’t know what running a business even looked like, and what if no one wanted what I was selling? What if no one cared about my story or my product? All these things sat with me and kept me from going through with any of my ideas. In my whole life I had never seen anyone have a successful business. Sure, I’ve known friends and some family to start something and maybe even keep it going, but they always had a “real” job in addition to their business. I never witnessed true success. So for me, I thought success in being an entrepreneur was for that guy over there; not me and my family. Sound familiar? That was until I helped my husband start and run a six figure janitorial cleaning company! Here I gained the knowledge of what it takes to start a business and take it from an idea, to an actual business that made money. And more importantly, I saw and tasted real success as an entrepreneur. I saw that it CAN be done. Once I realized that success was a possibility, I gained the confidence I needed to start my other businesses. And I started a few businesses, until I finally found something I truly loved. I realized that I had passion to help women like me. Women who lack the confidence in themselves and their abilities to start their business. I have a passion to help women and mothers realize that it CAN be done! If this sounds like you, don’t waste anymore time! Let’s chat. I wasted so much time being afraid to start. Let’s talk and we can decide if working together will get you the amazing results that you deserve. Why not you? Why not now?
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