Cynthia Lee

Certified Confidence Coach | Certified Life Coach

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Dec 15, 2020
Excellent Coaching
Cynthia was able to pick up on the keywords throughout our session and was able to help me to pinpoint the root cause. The course that she delivers are also amazing! She is like the total package!

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Cynthia Lee

My name is Cynthia Lee, your Certified Life Coach and Certified Confidence Coach. I am based in Columbia, South Carolina, and I also love writing poetry, photography, and being an absolute goofball.

I want to start off by saying that I was not born with a truckload of confidence, I was not bestowed with a magical gift, nor did I have some super-human genetic code. My confidence is a result of many years of growth, learning, mistakes, and practice. It is something that I had to work on daily, using practical techniques that I will share with you throughout our interactions.

Prior to becoming a Confidence Coach and Life Coach, I was a Cybersecurity professional and an Army vet. I earned my master’s degree in Cybersecurity and I excelled in my career field. However, as time progress I found out my true purpose. I thought long and hard on this one question, “What is it that truly makes me happy?”. My answer was simple, I am the happiest when I helped someone to walk with their head held high with confidence and I am able to help them to become their true authentic self.

I am dedicated to helping women build their confidence, stand tall, and achieve their goals by teaching them that confidence is not something that “lucky” people have and it is accessible to everyone! The right information, practical techniques, and the will to do (and be) more, is all you need.

So think of me as your new (low maintenance) best friend, well the one that you actually like and got your back.

I am invested in you, because your success is our success, and that can only lead to one thing…a bunch of happy, successful, and confident women!

I am the real deal because we will always be straight with you – we do hardcore, we do practical, we do real life, no BS, and no sugar coating.

I will teach you the best possible ways to increase your confidence levels, grab your day by the metaphorical ‘you know what’, and get exactly what you want out of your life!

I can’t wait to welcome you into our super-confidence works, where you will find new freedom to BE whoever you want to be!

With each confident smile I received from the women I coached, I found my purpose and my new happiness.

Gender : Female

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  • Life Coaching


  • Open Monday- Saturday from 8am till 5pm
  • Close: Sundays

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  • Hourly Rate : $150/hour
  • Daily Rate : $1,200/daily


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