From Fired to Fired Up

Hey everyone, stick around to the end because I promise you will get something out of this.

Being at Movement Maker Live by the Unleash You Team made me think of my first major conference, The Landmark Forum.

When I did the Forum, I had just given up my first company, my 7-year relationship had come to an explosive end, the Spiritual Life Center that I had worked with and truly changed my existence had closed, and I was taking care of my mother who could die at any moment.

Not to mention, I worked two jobs, had little life, and was completely unsure if I wanted to continue on this plane.

Yep, I was a workaholic. It is strange thinking about those times. I was working 5 days a week as an event specialist and then 2 – 3 days a week back at the Pizza Hut that they would dangle over my head all the time after I went back into a store. Not to mention taking care of Mom which at the time was also a full-time job.

While I was in the Forum, I stated that I would actually go to the lake more and actually enjoy my summer. 

Now if you have done the Landmark Forum you know it is all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then you come back for your completion event Tuesday Night.

That Monday, I got a text from my boss at Pizza Hut. I was fired. I was so relieved! That summer, I was at the beach at least once a week and truly enjoyed my life for the first time in quite a while.

So what is the lesson? You don’t necessarily have to quit a job to enjoy your life if you follow these three steps:

1. Guard your time wisely. While it seems like a good idea to be superman or superwoman, you don’t have to do everything. Learn when to say no when it isn’t for your highest and best.

2. I wasn’t always a nature boy (and still not as much as you would think) It wasn’t so much about going to the lake as it was enjoying the world around me. Later I found joy in going to the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Science Center, and other landmarks around Detroit.

3. Your job will replace you before your obituary is printed.  The days of 30 years, a pension, and a watch are over. Ultimately, what you do for money is there to support your life, not be your life.

Look, this week during the Freedom Sessions Call in the Freedom Entrepreneurs United Community I took the time to re-record the first training of the True Awesome Life Mastermind. In this training, we celebrate the Art of Being You by helping you create a ground of being, find your purpose, and define success for yourself instead of what society has programmed us to believe.

If there is nothing else you ever get from me, this lesson will change your life. Knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and what YOU see as success is such a powerful way to build a foundation for anything that you want to create in your business or your life. 

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You are loved!


To Love. Or not to love

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day. Romance is in the air! That time where Cupid takes aim to link two hearts with his arrow or is that really true? Are we truly driven to love by some semi-divine archer, all diapers and wings who comes once a year to inflict the whole gambit of human emotion upon us, when there is only one we wish to experience: True love.Why put your faith in a hallmark moment when you have something greater to believe in. Yourself!

Why is it wrong for you to live the life you deserve? Why is your happiness found in the arms of another?Why is your personal fulfilment always…out there?  ‘…you must learn to first love yourself before you can look to another for love…’

I know this sounds like a cliché and that is because clichés work. They’ve been around so long they have worked themselves into the very language, our understanding of our own selves and the world. Clichés are universal. Those who understand this in their romantic, business and personal lives are the people who have found peace and happiness.

Make your life one of joy, love, hope and ultimately, peace by understanding that it is your own actions that achieve this, not anyone else’s. Living vicariously through other people will never get you where you wish to go. You will always feel that you are missing something in your life.

So here is your chance to decide, do you want to wait once a year for Valentine’s Day or do you want to make every day Valentine’s day? Make your life a new and beautiful adventure. This year, give yourself a gift, let it be my arrow that has you fall in love with yourself. So, set a time to let me help you love that precious heart of yours.


Maxx Angenetta Jones. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

The Journey to find true fucking love ??

My name is Maxx Angenetta Jones, this is mother beginning journey  of my book about love and relationships from an intuitive entrepreneur’s point of view. However, in the first portion of my life I went through the normal things that everyone goes does. How we all want to be with someone, to share our life with someone. We want a significant other in our lives. Some of the journeys that we take getting there can be problematic and sometimes when we get there it’s almost like playing musical chairs. The first to sit gets the prize. 

Knowing what it is we’re looking for now that’s the whole problem. We are taught so many bad habits and I mean bad habits when it comes to love. We are told:

 ‘Don’t tell people what you want because it may scare them off.’

 ‘Be quiet about our wants and needs or be compliant about our wants and needs.’

 ‘Don’t be too strong. Don’t be too hard. Don’t be too masculine. Don’t be too feminine.’ 

There is so much advice out there in the world and I can guarantee you that it’s all wrong.

There is just bad advice all over the place. It’s time to change all that.

We learned about relationships from our parents. Even if our parents aren’t together anymore, we’ve learned from the parent that stayed and from the aftermath of the other’s living. Regardless of the circumstances of the separation or the divorce it still has a negative impact. Even if we evolve passed that, trying to learn relationships in a different way, it still colours our perceptions. We should learn to get coaching therapy after each relationship and talk about it. Because regardless of whether you tell family and friends it was mutual or a joint break up, there is still someone who’s hurt. Someone left with a wound.

In the Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, he talks about how we’re not born with any relationship problems or issues nor bad information or mindset but as every year passes we acquire a wound, we get a mark that continues to hurts us, so by the time we get to the age of thirty there are wounds and marks all over us.

We all have to deal with someone in our life. Someone who can hug us, care for us, love us and still say or do something that puts us right back in that helpless-hurtful place. Through no fault of their own and yet, their words or actions have us reliving a traumatic experience in painfully vivid detail. When that happens, you are not dealing with the present, you’re dealing with the past. It only feels like you’re dealing with the present, but you absolutely are not. They have touched a room deep within your soul and its contents are being brought to the forefront. This is happening because it needs to be healed. Granted, there are lots of times when we believe we were healed simply because there is no pain to feel. We thought that we would feel it forever and that is just not true. That pain is there, waiting in a dormant place, waiting to be felt all fresh and new. Waiting for someone to touch and remind us. To show us that we are still broken and now is the time to heal.

That healing requires us to recognise the pain and hurt that we’re feeling, to explore it. Learn why we are not responding emotionally and how do we do that? How do we address pain appropriately? Well, I’m going to give you my vision.

Yet, I know people will have their own vision and I respect that and them. At some point, I will bring friends of mine to submit her or his vision of how we address our relationship pain, but for now I believe in sitting down and talking to someone. Someone other than my friends. Why do I say someone other than my friends? Because my friends have also been hurt. They are on their own healing journey and not yet mastered love and relationships. Plus, let’s be honest, at a certain point even your best friend is going to get tired of hearing it. They will finally give in to the urge to say ‘Move on, get someone else!’ I wish it was that easy, I truly do but it’s not. 

Take the time. Sit down with a life coach, therapist, psychologist, whoever you feel comfortable expressing your innermost with and heal from the end of that relationship. Say the things you couldn’t say then but so wanted…needed too. It is good to do it for each and every relationship, so find a relationship coach and unburden yourself. That’s the first step.

And if your friends are telling you to move on, it’s good to move on but not to another person, not just yet. Not until you’re fully healed because your new partner is a person who deserves better. They’re not a therapist or a psychiatrist, so they are not equipped to help you deal with the pain you are carrying. Don’t give that drama to your new partner, it’s unfair on them. 

Let me say it again: When someone has broken your heart, don’t move on to the next person. You must look after yourself first! Your partner cannot heal what someone else has done to you. That trauma could be from birth, from childhood, from your parents, not just your previous relationship. Who knows? So, why not find out?

Before I go on I want to say thank you for taking the time to heal yourself and find a professional that can hear you and I would like to give you some advice. Healing yourself by hating the person or by feeling or doing anything negative is not the right choice and I say this because you don’t know why they are behaving as they are. You are not aware of what brought them to this point or what made them touch that memory in you. 

Look at it from an objective point of view, you can be free from conflict. You can be free to heal older wounds. Now, it’s time to get ready for the journey ahead of you. Are you ready? Let’s go!