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Business blogging is an unbelievable online marketing means that conserve you thousands of dollars but gives numerous business opportunities in just one snap. Blogs are customized, user-friendly, and adaptable to... More

There are many home remedies for arthrosis that you can try. As with everything, be mindful of interactions with medications and your other conditions. Itís not worth it to put... More

In the early stage of our marriage, my husband hated when I would bombard him with questions. He said it gave him a feeling like I was interrogating him. I... More

Conflict coaching is a set of coaching strategies and skills to help clients manage conflict and resolve conflict. Having the coach act as a neutral third party gives the client... More

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If you have a passion for empowering, educating, and inspiring couples, then becoming a soulful relationship coach may be the next greatest action for you. Some are in crisis, they... More

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Few things affect our state of mind, aka our mood, as deeply as food. Women being driven by some inexplicable hormonal energy to eat chocolate during PMS is one good... More

I want to ask everyone. Do you know truly what a life coach does? Yes, I post my daily teachings or affirmations and I seem positive. How I live my... More

Hello! I am Helena Domenic, and I am an artist, a writer, AND a Life Coach for people who are choosing non-traditional relationship styles. You might wonder what I mean... More


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