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"How about I share a little secret with you in exchange for a nice, toothy smile? Deal. Here goes... There's someone about to enter your life, either presently alive in... More

I have been competitively training in the sport of swimming since I was 15 years old. During my high school years, I was able to improve my times every year... More

Art is therapeutic and is sometimes called expressive art or art psychology that is facilitated by the art therapist, in applying art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork... More

Stress and alcoholism are irrevocably linked and the prevalence of one triggers the onset of the other. It is imperative for people to understand the deeper link between the two... More

Seeking our purpose can be extremely frustrating and confusing. We know that there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing, but we are not quite sure what... More

There are several reasons why we can feel a "disconnect" at a certain age. As time passes, the dust clears and some of our familial responsibilities fall away. We are... More

Following the foregoing mathematics formulas - Success, Happy and Hope are greater than Grief, Failure and Sorrow. I am often approached with questions that focus on the metrics that govern... More

I was talking to a colleague earlier this week. Like me, she runs her own business. She told me that one of her "beginning-of-the-year" practices is to sit down in... More

I've been asked more than once what's the secret to zero talent to my success. It's not a secret formula. It really doesn't take much. It's simply doing some things... More

This is a quotation is from the book and film titled "Lawrence of Arabia." If you have not seen that film, I suggest that you watch it, and pay close... More


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