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Connecting Everyone Through Our Bridge

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Stefany Jones, Co-Founder

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We started this platform because as Certified and Licensed Life Coaches, we saw the need for an integrated network and a collective of professionals like ourselves to have a platform in which to engage with our peers, share information, research, and best practices, collaborate with on events, research, and findings, and have a consumer portal with which to market, promote, and offer our products and services.

We are especially honored and proud to hold space with others who are helping mankind on purpose along with us.

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Life is all about love, connecting, and helping mankind on purpose. We wanted to make Life Coaching accessible, affordable, and achievable for everyone who desired or wanted to benefit.  We believe that just as everyone should have reasonable access to health care, they should also have access to reasonable self-care. This includes Life and Professional Coaching in the areas of Business & Career, Finance, Health & Wellness, Life & Relationships, Education and Spirituality.

It is an absolute pleasure and honor to help others reach their goals, dreams, and desired destiny.

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When seeking advice, many turn to friends, family and even colleagues to gain insight on how to reach their fullest potential. However, those close to you are generally not unbiased. As a result, their advice is infused with their knowledge and perceptions of you as well as their own.

The unique skills of an objective, experienced life coach will better aid you in gaining momentum toward a more meaningful life. A supportive, professional relationship is essential to personal growth.

The value of having a life coach is immeasurable. Teaming up with a coach is not the same as seeking help from a therapist. Therapy helps you work through your past and present situations, but coaching focuses on your current place in life and lends direction on how to shape your future.

A positive, supportive, professional relationship with the right life coach will give you a clear vision, assist you with creating an action plan, and help you to live your life to the fullest.

Do you feel stuck in a situation or career that don’t ignite your passion? A personal life coach helps you to explore the depths of who you are, identify what inspires you, and empowers you to self-discovery, your own answers, and a gained clarity all your own.

Professionals in the field of life coaching are trained to show you how to be positive, get out of your own way, emerge from your comfort zone, and overcome challenges. Gain the tools to learn how to balance your career, family, relationship, financial, and spiritual personal goals.

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Life coaching is a way to make successful changes in your personal life or career. Having an objective accredited life coach by your side helps to keep you on track, identify your goals, assist you with execution of successful business outcomes, and work to navigate through obstacles in your personal life.

Studies have found that 80% of people who seek the assistance of a certified life coach improve their self-confidence. That same study found after life coaching or mentoring, 72% improved their communication skills to become more efficient in the workplace, and 57% enhanced their management skills. On a personal and professional level, 73% improved their relationships overall.

Having a strong sense of self is the first step towards total improvement of any situation. Guidance from a caring, knowledgeable coach, whether in online coaching sessions, via email or phone, in person or on site, can fast-track your plan to get from your current situation, to the one you desire.

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Choosing a professional coach is a huge decision. You need someone who encourages and helps you to cultivate your best you. A life coach who cares deeply about your success – and has the knowledge and passion to get you there – will help you to transform your life! It is a deeply personal and dynamic experience, so it is important that you choose someone who understands you, and can meet your needs.

A lifestyle coach can help you identify why you feel stuck, or why your limiting beliefs are holding you back. A life coach can help you become more decisive and be action oriented. They help you to become more decisive and action-oriented. Life coaches help you to uncover the basis of any blocks and assist you with executing a created vision for your future. Professional coaching increases your focus and confidence, giving you new momentum to be more efficient and more fulfilled. A life coach helps you break old patterns, stop self-sabotage, and get what you want from new habits and the pursuit of your version of success!

Our experienced life coaches get results for you. Choosing a life coach who you connect with is essential. A key ingredient to the perfect client/coach relationship is that your life coach has the proper training. The professional life coaching industry is relatively young relative to other professions, and you want to be sure that you are working with someone who is a credentialed life coach.

Explore the professional coaches in our network. Take your time, browse through their personalized bios, read their unique life coaching details, and see who best suits your needs and personality. You’ll want someone with similar values who can relate to your circumstances, and understand your goals.